After two exciting weeks I can already tell you that we have some really exciting volleyball being played.

While Peter Cottontail is off musing for the whereabouts of Bugs, let's get started...

* Last week, I was chastised for neglecting to provide my health tip of the week. So, we are doing it first this week.

This week's topic ― How to make time for health when you're busy.

1) Write exercise into your planner/calendar.

2) Make big batches of meals and snacks at the beginning of the week.

3) If you feel guilty working out when you need to be studying or working, then combine the two.

4) Get up early to work out or bring gym clothes with you and exercise immediately after work or school.

5) Make a workout buddy or attend workout classes at a gym and make friends in the class.

I personally excel at tip No. 2.

* Speaking of Peter Cottontail and Harvey, they have called on Thumper to spread the word of the City of Leavenworth Parks and Recreation Department's Easter Egg Hunt on March 23 at 1 p.m.

We will all be joining Peter Cottontail and all of the friends he is gathering at the 10th Avenue Park just south of Warren Middle School.

If you put your ear to the ground to listen to Thumper's message, you will hear that Sagasu Family Martial Arts has many exciting plans for folks of all ages.

I understand that Master Baker has joined in the hunt for Bugs in hopes of locating him before the big egg hunt.

* Wednesday night we completed our second week of adult coed volleyball. After two exciting weeks I can already tell you that we have some really exciting volleyball being played.

At this point, Small N Explosive (Philip Martin) and Zeck Ford/GLN (Stacy Wolters) are tied for first at 1-0. Boom (Laura Ruble) and Pancake Pack are tied at 1-1 for third place.

At this time, Block Party (Ryan Hoppe) is in fifth place. They are playing on Wednesday nights, come out and join them.

* Remember that on Monday nights, we have exciting adult women's volleyball.

The games are becoming tighter as the season progresses. Dominators (Ruth Striggow) defeated Six Pack (Kim Todd Rhoades) 25-15 and 25-18. Boom (Sherri Schwinn) defeated Diggin' It (Lona Lanter) in two games.

The Drillers (Wendy Sachen) still leads the adult women's league with a 5-0 record, followed closely by the 5-1 Boom.

* In the men's adult basketball league on Tuesday, behind Rodney Chambers' 30 points and Harry Burton's 29, Bomb Squad defeated Studdards 79-78.

Carl Robinson scored 28 to lead the way for Studdards. Brandon Dougherty's 21 again led the way, as LV Street Elite defeated Prime 72-60, even though Sam Kenji scored 22.

Oh Yeah!, behind five players in double figures led by Stephen Didde's 18, were victorious 76-63 over Zeck Ford despite the 24 points of Josh Fitch and 20 of Bill Ritchhart.

* Light it up! Mutual Savings became the third team to challenge our scoreboard as they cracked the century mark.

Led by Dru Wheatcroft (36 points), Trent Peter (23 points) and Tony Williams (21 points), Mutual won 104-53 over 2711, who was led by the David Billard's 14 points.

The Angry Ewoks behind Jordan Glenn's 30 and Shane Dodds' 24 edged Young Sign Company 75-72. Joe Thorne scored 19 in Young's defeat.

Wheaton Warbirds defeated Purple Reign 62-56 behind the 25 of Jake Kavanaugh. As you can see, we have excitingly close games nightly.

* Remember we currently have sign-ups going on for the 12th Annual First City TRYathlon co-sponsored by the Leavenworth Parks and Recreation and Santa Fe Trails Bike Shop.

Registration runs through the day of the event, which will be April 13 at 8 a.m.

Tabor Medill is the recreation supervisor for the Leavenworth Parks and Recreation Department.