Spring arrives this week and if the grass doesn't grow quick enough to mow I'm considering taking a spin on the tractor just for the heck of it.

Spring arrives this week and if the grass doesn't grow quick enough to mow I'm considering taking a spin on the tractor just for the heck of it. If it snows again, the old tractor may even have the chance to take a stab at mowing snow.

I just need a day of mowing on the tractor to clear my head, refocus and refresh. My attitude stinks and I know it's just a combination of having to make my mind work harder than it has in years as the past six weeks have been spent trying to learn a new job.

I've a new appreciation for the term office manager. Basically it's an open-ended position that everything and anything falls into and because the word manager is behind office, it all becomes your responsibility. After 30 years in the newspaper business and juggling many different jobs and tasks at one time, I thought this "office manager" gig would be easy as pie.

Humble pie seems to be the only thing cooking in my oven right now.
I began this new job being way too big for my britches, as I was adament I didn't need my boyfriend micro-managing me as I learned the task at hand.

Although making a mistake at the newspaper could be costly, it doesn't add up to the kind of chaos that can be created when the numbers don't add up in the world of accounting.

Since keeping the financial records straight directly affects his livelihood, I can understand his concern when I finally admitted that working with figures isn't my strong suit. Writing doesn't require any mathematical skills so I basically let that part of my brain take a rest, and after so many years, it apparently doesn't want to wake up.
After being so cranky lately he's developed a new tactic to approach me when I've made a mistake. I know it's not going to be good news when he comes into the office and begins by telling me how nice I look that day, even though it's obvious that getting ready for the work day wasn't on my list of priorities.

It's a strange twist of emotions when you work for someone you love. Trying to separate the relationship from the business is a work in progress for me, although he seems to have it down pat.
At quitting time he has the ability to shut down the mode of being boss, although I have been continuing throughout the evenings as the stressed office manager, reliving the days' dilemmas. It's not like coming home after a long day's work and telling your significant other everything that happened that day because he already knows and probably doesn't want to hear it all over again.

I have a feeling the acreage is going to be the best manicured land in this side of the county. I just hope the tractor is up to it because I desperately need some alone time with old red.

Sandy Turner lives in the Kansas City area and writes this column for GateHouse Media.