Stuff happens Mr. Greczyn, and then we die. I have heard it, said it, almost my entire life.

To the editor:
Stuff happens Mr. Greczyn, and then we die. I have heard it, said it, almost my entire life.

I have known Chuck Magaha for many years; he has worked for me. He is the most consumate professional this community could ever hope to have in the position he occupies. That is a fact recognized by Kansas emergency people from the state's adjutant general on down the line.
When Greensburg tornado happened, the state was calling Chuck and Leavenworth County to come and be the on-site leader. We did not let him go the first week because he was here taking care of our most recent Missouri River flooding.

Next year when southeast Kansas came under water and the Coffeyville refineries were in jeopardy, Chuck and the County again got the call from the state. At both events, and through our flooding, he was the person running point, and did the job to acclaim.

There is simply no one better.
It happened. I don't know who hit the button. It is unacceptable that any area of the county does not hear those sirens, but lets call this a test and work on it as an opportunity.

We have had the technology available – a reverse 911 system by which government entities can incorporate, and people could register to receive phone calls and/or text messages to explain why the sirens are going off; or if I'm sleeping in my bunker, and don't hear the sirens, I get a second warning. It is the type of system many schools and universities now utilize after the horrific attacks at Virginia Tech.
Chuck has been asking for that system for years, and the BOCC never seem to have the money – taxes are already too high.

Chuck has supervisors, and they get recommendations on where to locate those ubiquitous sirens. New buildings are built, and the systems are not always updated in a most timely manner. But if it were a real situation, I am absolutely confident, that Mr. Magaha, Chuck, my friend, would be breaking down every impediment so to ensure the citizens of Leavenworth County are notified and protected. In this case whom was he supposed to call to tell them it wasn't an event? I suspect he just sat in his office and answered all those calls with an apology and explanation.

Thank you Mr. Greczyn for your letter, you make valid points, but I do not accept that Chuck should ever consider resigning. I would invite you to speak your position to the Leavenworth County Board of County Commissioners. They meet every Monday and Thursday (I think) at 9 a.m. in the Courthouse.