In 2010-11, USD 453 Superintendent Kelly Harris earned $137,200, including benefits.

To the editor:
In 2010-11, USD 453 Superintendent Kelly Harris earned $137,200, including benefits. In 2012-13, USD 453 Superintendent Kelly Crane is earning $177,050, including benefits which include $600 additional monthly income for travel outside of a 30-mile radius of Leavenworth, and $3,000 annual money just because she holds a doctorate (something she has apparently negotiated into her personal contract).
So far this year, Dr. Crane has also asked for reimbursement of $1,240.72 for traveling outside that 30-mile radius ­– in addition to the $600 per month she already receives for travel.

Please note that the raise Dr. Crane has received in just the last two years exceeds what the starting salary is for one teacher for the same school district by several thousand dollars. In other words, by paying the superintendent more money, despite the economic cutbacks the district has had to face over the last six years, we have lost at least one additional teacher that the district could have hired.

How has she ensorcelled so much money from our sitting school board, when the same board has been told repeatedly over the last six years that the district has had to make substantial cuts in spending, including being told in August to expect nearly $2 million dollars in shortfall? She also recently got them to approve a three-year contract for her.
In case you are further wondering whether or not you should re-elect any of the seated school board members or even the most recently seated school board members who are currently running for election on April 2, you should also note that the USD 453 mill rate in 2007-08 was 50.77, compared to the current mill rate of 63.176.

How much have you, personally, forked out to make certain Superintendent Crane can continue her very lucrative regime?