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  • Letter: Democrats are leading us to financial ruin

  • Remember Democrats telling us their socialized medicine would save money and be cheaper than medical care already was?
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  • To the editor:
    Remember Democrats telling us their socialized medicine would save money and be cheaper than medical care already was? Well, the IRS recently released info that says that was just a big lie.
    The IRS sats say by 2016 a typical American family of five will pay $20,000 or more a year for medical coverage. Not a gold plated plan, just a basic "Bronze" plan. For many families that's 30 percent or more of their yearly incomes before taxes. Some deal, huh?
    It has also been reported that Obamacare will cost many small businesses (those up to 500 employees) around 65 percent of their profits. Some deal, huh?
    The Congressional Budget Office says around 7 million people will lose the medical coverage they have now due to expense. If CBO admits that number, you can safely double it to see a more credible picture.
    Recent reports again show that significant numbers of doctors are going to retitre to escape becoming low-paid governmental serfs catering to illegals and lay-arounds for pittances. This will exacerbate an already negative trend, but Democrats see our doctors as simply a charity service for their benefit. They care not what they do to medical care in this country. If they think it would benefit themselves they'd support blowing up the entire planet.
    The minority side of the Senate Budget Committee recently released a report that states that U.S. welfare expenditures will explode by 80 percent in the next decade.
    During a recent Senate Budget Committee meeting the notion of moving toward a balanced budget was floated for a vote. In lockstep style, every Democrat loudly voted no on the issue. Their plan does nothing to balance our budget or reduce debt, it only increases it by trillions. A recent GAO report says Obamacare will increase our debt by $6.2 trillion in the next few years. Democrat plans show nothing but huge debt increases forever.
    The CBO reports our federal government is on a path to spend $47.2 trillion in the next 10 years. Our present rate of federal borrowing to pay for our insane spending is at 46 percent and climbing. We can't possibly pay those gigantic amounts. We're headed to a horribly destructive financial disaster, and Democrats will do nothing to help alleviate it, only aggravate it – to buy votes. They're beyond despicable, they're traitorous.
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