If you are at a grocery store or retail chain that has the option of self check-out, I would strongly suggest using it.

If you are at a grocery store or retail chain that has the option of self check-out, I would strongly suggest using it. There are several reasons that self check-out is the best option when you are shopping.
There are a few retail chains and grocery stores in Leavenworth that provide their customers with self check-out. You will always find me using the self check-out option at these stores.

I find that by using the self check-out that you can save bundles. When using self check-out I am able to better keep an eye on the prices of items. I cannot tell you how many times that I have found merchandise to not be properly marked. By going through the self check-out line, I am able to scan the items at my own pace and make sure that all items ring up correctly.

By using the self check-out line I am also able to stay on top of my coupons. I make sure they ring up properly and I receive credit for all of them.

However, if you do not have the luxury of self check-out I would encourage you to stay alert. My eyes are usually glued to the total screen when purchasing items. I find you always have to be on guard when checking out.

If you are in a regular check-out line, I would remind you to check your bill before leaving the store. I have had several examples of why it is important to check your bill.

When purchasing two different items with my coupons at a local discount store, I felt that the final total was a little high.
Since I had only purchased a few items, it was extremely easy to go over my receipt. Quickly I discovered the cashier had not taken one $2 coupon off my bill. When you only are purchasing two items, this was huge savings.

When I took it to the customer service desk to get my $2 back, the cashier only handed me $1.87 in change. When I questioned her why I did not receive the full refund, she informed me that it covered the taxes. I then quickly pointed out to her that I had already paid those taxes when I paid the bill and she then conceded and gave me the rest of my change back. Sadly this was not my only mistake I discovered with a cashier.

During another incident, I went to another discount chain and faced similar coupon problems. When going to the checkout lane, my cashier informed me my coupons had expired and that she could not use any of them. When I looked at my coupons, I discovered the cashier was wrong and that all my coupons were still valid. I pointed this out to the cashier and she concurred she had made an error.
It is because of incidents like these that I encourage readers to go over your bill and watch your cashier when they are scanning coupons. The cashiers are human and they make mistakes. These mistakes can cost you in the long run.