Do you need household storage items and do not have the money to spend on them?

Do you need household storage items and do not have the money to spend on them? You do not have to despair. Many things that you already have lying around the home make great storage items.
I love using every-day household items for storage purposes. If you were to walk into my home, you would see that I use old holiday gift boxes to help keep items organized in our bathroom closets. I also use old cleaned-out tin pans as containers to hold shampoos, toothpaste and sanitary items underneath my bathroom sink.

I also find recycled boxes helpful when organizing my kitchen drawers. Several years ago we received a shoebox- size container filled with crayons. The crayons are long gone, but we use the box in our kitchen cabinet as a container for pencils, pens and markers. This is a great little container which has eliminated our junk drawer.
Boxes are not the only things I use to help stay organized. I also use galloon sized Ziploc bags to separate my daughter's socks and undergarments in her drawers.

We also used a recycled box for a fun project. Recently, my daughter and I went shopping at an area Leavenworth grocery store. The store does not give customers plastic bags at checkout, but does provide customers with large boxes.

During our last trip, we grabbed a large box missing one side. It was perfect for hauling all our groceries home, but it also serves as another purpose. Upon our arrival home, my daughter took the box and laid several old blankets in the box and placed it in her room. Our animals find the box to serve as a wonderful pet bed and enjoy snuggling in it. It was a perfect habitat for our four-legged family and it did not cost us a dime.

Before going out and buying expensive tubs to use as storage I would encourage you to see what you have around your home. You can save a lot of money and stay organized all at the same time.

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