Immaculata produces highest finish for area teams at Leavenworth’s annual JV meet

On an afternoon that felt like the first official day of spring, the Leavenworth boys' tennis team hosted its annual JV tournament Wednesday.

In the eight-team competition, which featured two other local schools, it was Atchison that accrued 33 points to claim first overall. Next was Immaculata with 26 points.

Lansing came in fourth overall with 21 while the Pioneers placed eighth with seven points.

* No. 1 singles Sam Rhee, 1-2 for sixth

* No. 2 singles Adam Habib, 1-2 for fourth

* No. 1 doubles James Cha/Phillip Hernandez, 3-0 for first

* No. 2 doubles Andy Eom/Bader Abboud, 2-1 for second

“A change to the lineup resulted in a stronger No. 2 doubles team, though it made it a little more difficult for the two younger freshmen who were moved into the singles,” Imac coach Manuel Hernandez said. “Still, we played some good tennis and I saw some continued improvement in our players.”

* No. 1 singles Joe Lorenzen, 2-1 for second

* No. 2 singles Bailey Miller, 2-1 for fifth

* No. 1 doubles Andrew Fodness/Jered Gatson, 1-2 for fourth

* No. 2 doubles Thomas Bremser/Tristan McMahon, 1-2 for sixth

“Nice fourth place team finish for us,” Lions coach Ed Fenton said. “Really pleased that everyone contributed to the team score with a win today.”

* No. 1 singles Luke Nolte, 0-3 for eighth
* No. 2 singles Noah Hutabarat, 2-1 for second
* No. 1 doubles Cole Shepard/Peter Gardner, 0-3 for eighth
* No. 2 doubles Aaron Munoz/Michael Stratton, 0-3 for eighth

“Noah is a very good athlete,” Pioneers coach Shad Langfoss said. “He is quick and he can run down every ball. He is very frustrating for others because he is just like a backboard.”

Leavenworth will compete at its Sunflower League tournament today starting at 9 a.m. while Immaculata will be at Ottawa for a 4 p.m. meet.

Lansing will be at DeSoto Saturday for a 8:30 a.m. tourney.