Fantastic turnout for the Joseph Sheehan Road Race here in Leavenworth Sunday.

Fantastic turnout for the Joseph Sheehan Road Race here in Leavenworth Sunday.

The race was an arduous course from Leavenworth to Atchison and back. Fifty-two miles of hills and thrills. The juniors raced 30 miles to Atchison, which is probably the hardest part of the course.

John Finnegan won the junior boys' 10-14 class. Sedona Posch took second in the junior girls' 10-14 and David French won the juniors 15-18. Terrific job!

Erica Haas rode an aggressive race, leading from the front. She took third place in the women's category 1-3.
The men's category 4 had a super team. Sean Smith, just one week back from deployment to Afghanistan, led the team with a 10th place finish. Mark Ramsden earned 15th after winning the individual time trial Saturday.

The men's category 5 had an equally superb representation. Paul Bolduan was 17th while Adam Willcoxson came in 18th. James Lee continued his winning ways finishing 21st and Alex Ardussi was 26th. Bill Wood finished his first race ever in 45th.

Master's category 50-59 is an open race, meaning any category can race. Carl Fischer jumped in with this daunting field and finished 21st.

I want to thank all our phenomenal volunteers who helped make the Joseph Sheehan Road Race a success.

Thanks to Roger Harrison who worked tirelessly to mark the route with signs, paint, flags, zeppelins and smoke grenades. Okay, just kidding about the last two; still it was a well-marked course by Roger Harrison.

Thanks to Paula Cole who thought of every detail, even down to pinning all four pins on pre-registered race numbers. Now that's detail.

Great job by Paula reacting to the changing course and the changing  start time.

Thanks to my wife Barb, who managed to enter 100 pre-registrants and 100 day-of-the-race registrants in a timely, organized and efficient process. Barb's superb work made the difference in making our race a smooth operation.

Thanks to Bill Cole who was the hole filler in the dam. Let everyone know about the change in location? He posted at the old site. Someone didn't show? He was there. Something we forgot? He was getting it. Need to hang out and transport everything back to the shop? He was the guy.

Thanks to all our 42 volunteers. Thanks to the road guards who year after year go where they need to go and do what they need to do. Thanks to our superb drivers who navigate the course flawlessly. Thanks to all of you who took the initiative to check with us early and often about changes.

Thanks to my employees who not only put in a lot of overtime so we can work on this event, but also take there day off to come out and help us. Thanks Lamont and Josh.

Thanks to Father Michael Munro for blessing all of our riders as they started the race.

Thanks to the many riders who came out and raced. I know there are competing events out there. This year was our best turnout ever with 200 racers.

Thanks to the City of Leavenworth, the County of Leavenworth, Leavenworth Parks and Recreation cirector Julie Anderson, Atchison County and the City of Atchison for their tremendous support.

And thanks to State Farm Insurance Ally Zeck and Country Club Bank on Delaware Street for their terrific sponsorship.