While graduation marks the end of high school, it should be seen as only the beginning.

While graduation marks the end of high school, it should be seen as only the beginning.

That was the message from Anna Salvatorelli, a graduating senior who was one of the honored speakers during Saturday's commencement at Leavenworth High School.

"We finally made it," Salvatorelli said.

She said high school is great, but it should not be the pinnacle of the gradates' lives.

More than 300 seniors received diplomas during the ceremony, which was held at the high school's Pioneer Stadium. This was the 142nd class to graduate from Leavenworth High School.

"We as a class have proved that hard work leads to success," said graduating senior Nathan Butler, who was another honored speaker.

He also said graduation was only the beginning of a journey.

Graduating senior Rebekah Covington, who also was an honored speaker, said she was excited to leave high school, but she will never forget the experience she had there.

She offered her fellow graduates advice including the suggestion that they do what truly makes them happy and surround themselves with good people.

Sydnee Cullum-Parker spoke during the ceremony as the president of the senior class.

"Congratulations class of 2013," she said. "We did it."

Cullum-Parker said she's proud to be member of the class. She said her greatest wish is for the graduates to lead lives of fulfillment and happiness.

She asked her follow graduating seniors to applaud those who have supported them.

"Behind every senior, there's a support system of some kind," she said.

Saturday's ceremony included musical performances by Ariel Peterson, Lindi Young and Carlos Calderon.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Leavenworth High School Principal Tom Barry reviewed a number of the accomplishments of the graduating class.

He said the members of the class have set a positive example for other students.

"And don't ever forget that you're always, always a pioneer," Barry said. The pioneer is the school mascot.