Why conservatives might be interested in the Conservative Party USA

For a conservative evaluating the effectiveness of the Republican Party, there is much to be unhappy about.  Many independents, moderates, and libertarians are unhappy with them as well (not to mention those on the Left), at least with respect to economic issues.  The dissatisfaction with debt, deficit, unemployment, balance of trade, currency weakness, and other issues brought people together in the grass roots movement of the Tea Party, which (perhaps partly due to persecution by the IRS) is not an actual party (except maybe in Nevada.)  The Tea Party’s power was reflected in the 2010 elections, which brought the House of Representatives back to Republican control and strongly affected most state governments as well.   

Recent Republican presidential candidates have not been ideal conservatives.  Such men as Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney were all rated as “not conservative enough” by many, including me.  Dole and McCain were noted as too willing to compromise and straying from the conservative agendas, while Romney was faulted for his support of universal health care, and his lack of strong advocacy for needed reforms to taxes and entitlements.  The Bushes were a bit better, in my opinion.  Conservatives revere Ronald Reagan.  Richard Nixon was also mostly conservative but came to grief.  Barry Goldwater did not fare well.  Eisenhower and Ford were OK, in that they stayed on the reservation for the most part, but weren’t great leaders.

The few national leaders who are considered truly conservative are in Congress or governorships.  Several of the conservative governors of the past few years have had spectacular success in bringing their states back into fiscal health.  The Congress, however, has not often been completely controlled by Republicans and has not been effective when it was.  The House of today is increasingly conservative, yet can do little against a Senate controlled by Democrats and an ideological president who ignores Republican initiatives.

As a result of their dissatisfaction, conservatives have formed several smaller parties.  List of political parties of the United States, 2012  Ross Perot’s America First Party took enough votes away from George H. W. Bush to allow Bill Clinton’s election in 2000. 

The Conservative Party USA is a small but growing party with a platform few conservatives (who are not libertarian) will disagree with.  It is not yet represented in every state.   A chapter is currently forming in Leavenworth, Kansas, and there is a Kansas website for the party Link to: Kansas website. The members believe that the Constitution should be the law of the land, and should be interpreted only as intended by the Founding Fathers.  They are very, repeat VERY unhappy with Republicans who are regarded as not conservative enough.  Former Tea Party participants might find a congenial home in the Conservative Party. 

Joining a political party is a way to find like-minded people and reach a consensus on what the problems are and what should be done about them.  A person may be a member of multiple parties.  The Conservative Party appears to offer a congenial home for conservatives and Tea Party supporters.  They will generally vote with Republicans in national elections.  It may help guide Republicans into wiser and more conservative choices.