Throughout the years golf has been a sport largely for men to interact and make business connections.

Throughout the years golf has been a sport largely for men to interact and make business connecctions. But now women are getting in on the fun too. The Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce's 2nd Annual Wine and Nine golf tournament Friday was for women only, and it didn't matter so much what the scores were, but what new connections were made.
"Wine and Nine is a chance for businesswomen to let their hair down," said Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce president Jennifer Daly. "The point is to help make the Leavenworth business environment better. It's always typically been men making business deals on the golf course and for women it can be intimidating. This tournament is a chance for them to relax and have fun with no pressure and no rules."
Wine and Nine is a tournament geared perfectly toward all women, whether or not they have ever played golf in their life. The Chamber of Commerce provided golf lessons, lunch, coaches and even golf clubs for the ladies that participated in the tournament. Kansas City Kansas Community College sponsored golf carts and Great Life Golf and Fitness at the Leavenworth Country Club hosted the event. There were also sponsors at each hole with games such as bingo, beverages and snacks for the ladies. "Eight out of nine of our sponsors are returning sponsors from last year," said Daly. "It's really great one on one marketing for the businesses." At the end of the tournament all the women vote on a favorite sponsor and that sponsor receives "100 chamber bucks" which are put back towards the community.

"[Wine and Nine] really breaks up the monotony of golf" said Marissa Quintanilla, a participant from Fort Leavenworth. "It's more special for women, when guys aren't pushing you out of the way. It really encourages the camaraderie of women and you can have a sip of a margarita too." Twelve teams of four participated on Friday creating multiple opportunities for women to connect throughout the businesses of Leavenworth.

"Our goal for Wine and Nine is education and for women to be introduced to the game," said Daly. "We at the Chamber of Commerce strive for there to be a tangible benefit for the women."
That tangible benefit for the women was certainly the education of the sport of golf. However, the non-tangible benefit was not only the networking, but the fun and laughter had by all.