2012 star Grant Greenberg transferring to play ball for St. Mary.

Grant Greenberg, a 2012 Leavenworth grad who went to Northwest Missouri State on a basketball scholarship, recently announced that he would be transfering to the Universty of Saint Mary this year to play for the Spires.
As a Pioneer, he averaged 23.4 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 2.4 steals per game while shooting a school record 70.9 percent from the floor as a senior.

To begin, why did you decide to transfer to Saint Mary? What was the driving force behind the change?
A lot of people have been asking why I transferred and to answer that, simply it just didn't work out at Northwest Missouri State. It was the first time where I wasn't happy and didn't enjoy waking up and playing basketball, which is one of the worst feelings to not enjoy what you love to do.
I decided to transfer to Saint Mary for many reasons. It was one of those things that just felt 'right.'I've known Coach Bishop for awhile now and he's a great coach and recruiter along with the assistant coach, Coach Brown. I'll have the opportunity to come in and play right away, which really excites me.
The basketball program is growing and getting better every year and I've enjoyed watching my brother play there. I want to continue with the success they have had, with the conference championship and also take the next step and go further in the National Tournament.

What was the biggest positive you will take away from your time at Northwest Missouri State? Will you miss it at all?
The biggest positive I will take away from my time at Northwest Missouri State was the experience of playing college basketball at the Division 2 level. I was able to see what it was like and what it takes to be successful on that level. The thing I will miss is the people I met and teammates I had, mainly the three other freshmen I came in with. We were really close and I'll always try to keep in touch with those guys.

What excites you most about returning to play in Leavenworth? Did the opportunity of playing in your hometown loom large in your decision?
The exciting thing about coming back to play in Leavenworth is playing in front of family and friends again. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback about how people are excited to watch me play again just like how they did when I was in high school, and I really appreciate that. It did have a role in my decision, there's always no place like home.

What do you think you can offer the USM men's basketball team? What part of your game do you want to work on the most?
I am really excited to put on that Saint Mary jersey and start playing. I'll offer a hard-working attitude and everything will fall into place after that. I'll always have that toughness mentality to me and my will to compete. I love to win. There is always room for improvement in your game so I wouldn't say there is just one thing I need to work on. But I always try to improve my jump shot every year. You can never be a good enough shooter.

Does this change affect your future goals? Speaking of which, what do you hope to do?
This change does not have an effect in my goals. I've always wanted to go overseas and play somewhere after my college career, so if the opportunity exists I would love to do that. You always need a backup plan though if something doesn't work out. I would like to get a masters in Sports Management and see where that takes me. Maybe even try coaching.
– Brent Lager