Eric Daugherty is a former Leavenworth resident and a professional musician whose debut self-titled EP was released June 11 by Irish recording label Walled City Records, is planning a concert in his former hometown at 7 p.m. June 20 at the Heritage Center, 109 Delaware St. in Leavenworth. Visit for more information on Eric or to buy tickets for the show.

1. How does it feel to be heading back to Leavenworth? How long did you live here and how long has it been since you've visited?
It feels great. I love seeing where I grew up and catching up with old friends and familiar faces. I've lived in Leavenworth pretty much my whole life despite my recent move last year and traveling. I visit Leavenworth often for practice and to see my family and pet kittens!

2. Tell us about how you got started playing music. How do you describe what you do?
Well I have been around music my whole life. Both my parents were musicians and I guess I just picked it up around the age of 15 and started playing all kinds of genres of music. I would describe what I do as very upbeat, optimistic, and overall very energetic. I make a very simple goal to lift others and bring people together for a good time!

3. What's your writing process like? Where do your ideas come from?
My writing process can vary a bit. I like to start mostly humming melodies or bass lines in my head then I'll move to guitar and start writing chords. Since I'm always writing lyrics, they come at any time during the process. If the song is acoustic I'll leave it at that. If it becomes anything else I usually start to translate the guitar chords into synth chord patterns. My ideas come from a lot of different things and since I'm always thinking it helps, a lot of ideas tend to come from past experiences and how you interpret them. Everything I see in life may spring ideas too!

4. I understand you were just signed to an Irish record label. How did that come about and what does it mean to you?
The opportunity was presented by my manager Geoff Ames who found and looked into the record/distribution deal after he talked with Oran O'Carroll, manager of the record label, Walled City Records. My music was then presented to Damian McGinty (from Glee and Celtic Thunder) who also was into what I was doing. So we then made our way over to Derry City, N. Ireland and recorded my self-titled four-track EP. It was released on iTunes and Amazon on June 11.

This whole opportunity has meant the world to me and I couldn't have done it without the fans , my manager or anyone else behind it all and not to forget I have quite a bit of Irish heritage too!

5. Did you make it a point to come back here for your upcoming tour?
I definitely made it a point. I think its important to always remember where you came from and who's been there for you. I have a lot of close friends in Leavenworth who have supported what I've done since day one. I couldn't ever forget the many amazing people here in Leavenworth and I'm glad to have their support. Thank you all!