When you read a great, well-written book, it's hard to read that last chapter isn't it?

When you read a great, well-written book, it's hard to read that last chapter isn't it? The stories and characters become so rich and fulfilling, you hate to reach the end. And when that last page is turned, you feel saddened, but enriched. On the morning of June 17, 2013, Ruby M. Glassley of Easton, Kansas., wrote her final page and peacefully closed the cover on the book of her life.
"Aunt Ruby", as she was known by hundreds of children who were naturally drawn to her through the years, was born Ruby Mae Bonner on June 22, 1922 in Stilwell, Oklahoma. At the young age of sixteen, she met and married John Henry Glassley who would be her nearly constant companion for the next seventy years. Together they raised four children, ten grandchildren, and an ever increasing host of great-grandchildren who like all before them, couldn't wait to find Grandma's lap.
Ruby was happiest at home. Her delight in a simple life was a model to all. While others collected, she gave freely. It's nearly impossible to find anyone she's known who has not been the recipient of her generosity. Her legacy is one of service and in her wake she leaves grateful and often surprised recipients of kindnesses without thought of recompense.
I'm sure most families have little rituals that form bonds. One of ours was at bedtime, when being tucked in. We children would say, "Pleasant dreams, happy face in the morning" and mom would respond, "Thank you and same to you". This practice has passed from generation to generation. And in my house, if we forgot, my children would pad into our bedroom saying, "You didn't say 'thank you and same to you'."
So thank you mother, for all the lessons you ingrained in us. Teaching us life is more than a collection of things. That what you give is more important than what you keep. And that how you love is as important as who you love. Your legacy will live on.
Good night mom. Pleasant dreams, happy face in the morning.
In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorials be made to Country Care Nursing Home, Easton, Kansas. There will be a private service for the immediate family.