This week has been really busy for me.

This week has been really busy for me. I have had my schedule filled with parties at my home, piano lessons, unplanned visitors and extra activities. This would have been the perfect week to go out to eat or have my husband pick up a quick dinner on his way home from work. However, this is costly and not a healthy option for any family.

We found a much easier and cheaper option. In the beginning of the week, I put several chicken breasts into the crock pot. They were just plain chicken breasts without any type of seasoning. However, after I was done cooking them I was able to use the meat to make meals for the rest of the week.

Every night I was able to pull out the chicken and make different types of meals. We were able to make homemade chicken salad, which served as a great meal for lunches and dinner. We were also able to add homemade taco seasoning for the perfect chicken tacos. Chicken breasts also make great BBQ sandwiches.

By cooking your meals earlier in the week, I was able to prepare dinner in a few minutes every single night. Not only did it save us from eating an unhealthy diet, it saved us a lot of money. The chicken breasts literally cost under $4 and it fed us several meals.

If you have a busy hectic lifestyle, let me encourage you to make your meals ahead. There are countless recipes on the internet which will allow you to pre-plan your meals and freeze them. Even if you do not have time to plan the entire meal, I would encourage you to at least plan your meats in advance.

This not only saves you a lot of time and money, but it also provides your family with a healthier option for meals.

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