Catiara Campbell is the owner of Catiara's Cauldron at 402 Delaware St., Leavenworth.

Catiara Campbell is the owner of Catiara's Cauldron at 402 Delaware St., Leavenworth.

1. How did you get the idea for opening your new store and how would you describe it?
Catiara's Cauldron LLC is the culmination of 17 years worth of learning about different religions, spirituality and systems of magic and spell casting. We are all connected through the universal spirit and energy of this world and each have our own way of perceiving, believing, and connecting with the divine.
Catiara's Cauldron LLC is a unique store that promotes religious tolerance, acceptance, and understanding. We offer various religious and spiritual supplies to bring you peace, hope, and understanding.

2. Since there are many people who are not familiar with the practices of conjuring and Hoodoo can you tell us about them and the long tradition behind folk magic and Hoodoo?
Hoodoo (or rootwork) is Southern folk magick. Hoodoo is also called conjure. Hoodoo is NOT Voodoo (Vodou). Hoodoo is NOT a religion, it is a magical system. A large majority of hoodoo practitioners are Christians (mostly Southern Baptists). I am not. Hoodoo practitioners are called by a variety of names including but not limited to conjurers, conjure doctors, root doctors, rootworkers, etc.
The purpose of hoodoo is to allow people access to supernatural forces to improve their daily lives. Connecting with ancestors or other spirits of the dead are an important practice within the conjure tradition. One of the most influential spiritual practices in hoodoo is the recitation of Psalms from the Bible. The tradition of hoodoo lacks strong links to any one specific religion and places strong emphasis on personal magical power and thus it can be adapted to almost any religious worship. Due to hoodoo's great emphasis on an individual's spiritual power to effect desired change in their environment, hoodoo's principles are believed to be accessible for use by any individual of faith. Hoodoo practice does not require a formally designated minister or specialized education.
Home-made oils, potions, and charms form the basis of much rural hoodoo, but there are also some successful commercial companies selling various hoodoo products to urban and town practitioners, and that is what Catiara's Cauldron LLC intends on doing in the very near future.

3. You carry many inter-faith books, candles and jewelry. What else does the store carry and what are poppets and mojo bags?
We currently carry books, incense, jewelry, candles, oils, stones, trinkets, mojo bags, poppets and charms. We are slowly expanding our product line to include such things generally called spiritual or religious supplies, and they will include herbs, roots, minerals, glitter, floor washes, sachet powders, bath crystals, icons, and colognes.
Poppets are a form of sympathetic magic that are used to draw things into your life, such as money, love, friendship, healing, protection, etc. You choose a poppet based on color correspondence and adorn it accordingly.
Mojo bags, also called conjure hands, mojo hands, or gris gris bags are a very popular object in conjure and hoodoo. They are small bags filled with herbs, roots, and other curios that are put together towards a specific goal. Mojo Bags are extremely personal and should only be seen by the wearer. Possessors of mojo bags find them to be among their most treasured and precious possessions and will avoid being without one. Mojo bags are often worn on the body, in one's underwear, in a pocket, or a purse and most people develop special and deep bonds with their mojo bags.
The poppets and mojo bags are unique in that they are more than just objects; they are powerful spiritual allies that work on one's behalf. They maintain the spirit-filled standard of conjure in that the bearer/wearer and the conjurer believe that the poppet and/or mojo bag is actually a container for a powerful spirit. With poppets the conjurer or petitioner selects charms, herbs, oils and curios for the poppet that will focus on the goal at hand. With the mojo bag the conjurer gathers roots, herbs, and curios aimed at a specific goal and then combines them together into the bag. Each of these separate spirits join together to form a spiritual unit, or army that fights for the goal of the petitioner.
Once you understand this living quality to the poppets and mojo bags you will appreciate the process of working with them. They are not merely consecrated objects, but spiritual allies that work with and for you. A mojo bag and/or poppet are "fed" in order to be kept alive. They are given special herbal-blend oils, whiskey (the drink of spirits in hoodoo), special colognes, and sometimes even bodily fluids or gifts. This interaction between the mojo bag and/or poppet and the wearer/bearer form a symbiotic bond between the spirit of the two that leads to a powerful and fulfilling relationship.

4. What is the Usui Reiki Master Teacher Course that you will offer in August?
The Usui Reiki Master Teacher Course includes hands-on training, course manual, complete lineage, and a full attunement. This Reiki Course also touches on Reiki for pets and animals.
Upon completion students will be fully trained and certified as a Reiki Master Teacher and will receive certification from Reiki Rays Institute, a fully accredited and certified center of holistic education.
The course manual is included in the cost of the course. It is the same manual used by Reiki Rays Institute and written by Dr. Dawn Grey, RMT.
The cost of the course is $160 and will take place in four – three-hour sessions on Saturdays in the month of August from 1 to 4 p.m., at Catiara's Cauldron. (Aug. 3, 10, 17, and 24)
The course will be lead by Reiki Rays Institute Outreach Instructor, Certified Holistic Practitioner, and Reiki Master Teacher, Lena M. Townsend. For more information on Lena and her credentials visit
Please pay full tuition to Catiara's Cauldron prior to the course start date of Aug. 3, 2013. A total enrollment count is needed by Aug. 1, 2013. This class will be limited to 10 people.
Lena will also be available after the classes from 4 to 6 p.m. for tarot readings and private channeling sessions.
I am in the process of putting together introductory classes for astrology, tarot, and candle magic.

5. What is the most important thing that you want to offer to the local community through your new business?
Knowledge, understanding, religious tolerance, acceptance, and fellowship through access to books, supplies and networking.
As the founder and organizer of The Black Hat Society of Leavenworth, Kan., which is an organization designed to share information, my goals have always been to learn, share, and understand others' paths to the divine.
The Black Hat Society of Leavenworth, Kan., is a group of witches, pagans, wiccans, heathens, free spirited, wise women and men!
We welcome any and all curious followers of their own paths.
We hope to learn more each day, enlighten one another and socialize. Topics of discussion range from practical magic to gods, goddesses, intuition, tarot, herbs, stones, psychic abilities, dreams, premonitions and ghost stories.
Join us one and all, as we celebrate Sabbats and enjoy discussions, outings, book sharing, recipe sharing and a great sense of community.
You must be a local resident with intentions of actively participating with the group. Anyone under 18 years old will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian or have a consent form signed by a parent/guardian in order to attend meetings. Must be 13 years old or older to attend meetings. All ages welcomed with their parents at Sabbat Celebrations.
For more information or request to join Contact Cat at:

— Rimsie McConiga