Jeff Cunningham is the owner of Old Town Sweets and Antiques at 514 B Delaware St., Leavenworth.

Jeff Cunningham is the owner of Old Town Sweets and Antiques at 514 B Delaware St., Leavenworth.

1. Jeff, how did you come up with the idea for combining an antiques store with an old-fashioned candy store? Any plans for expansion or adding new items?
I had a booth at the Leavenworth Antique Mall. I had talked to Dee the owner about opening my own store, she said I should and told me about the storefront that was available and it all just worked out.
I decided I wanted to stand out from all the other antique stores and wanted that old country store look so we added the candy store, which has been a huge hit.
We are always adding new items to expand the candy area. We also will be adding gourmet popcorn and hard-to-find old-fashioned sodas.

2. Do you specialize in antiques from a certain era, or is it a wide-ranging assortment? Do you collect the antiques from mostly local people?
We have a wide range of antiques. We lease space to vendors and they sell their antiques out of their booths.

3. Your candy display is reminiscent of candy stores from the early 1900s. What sorts of sweets do you offer and can you tell us about your homemade fudge and cookies?
We carry candies from all eras. Also gourmet chocolates. And create gift baskets for all occasions. Our old-fashioned fudge and cookies are made by us daily. Recipes were passed on to me from my grandmother who started to teach me how to bake at 5-years-old. She always baked and cooked from scratch with the freshest ingrediants. I remember going with my granfather to the orchards and farms as a child to get everything fresh.

4. What is your advice for antique lovers who might just be starting out as far as the best way to find good deals and authentic pieces?
Do your homework learn all you can about what your buying, in today's world there are lots of fakes and reproductions.

5. What's the best thing about operating a business in downtown Leavenworth?
The people and city are great — it reminds me of the town I grew up in before it fell on hard times in the late '70s. Nice people who help their neighbors. And that hometown feeling I missed so much.

— Rimsie McConiga