‘But perhaps most of all, I’m grateful to you for being so friendly and helpful, for it made this job fun.’

I’ve been blessed. For seven years now, I’ve been able to have a job I loved doing.
Not everyone can say that, which I learned early in life. My parents had seven of us running around and so you can imagine the price tag that came with that.
To provide for all us kids, they gave up a lot, including their careers. I can still remember the graveyard shifts my father put in at the radio station before heading to Price Chopper hours later to deliver flowers.
Or the six-day weeks, 50-plus hour days my mother logged at a mortgage company, where I spent many Saturdays trying to squeeze some fun out of a corporate break room.
I saw my parents toil and struggle for so many years through occupations they disliked, just so my siblings and I didn’t have to.
They gave me the chance to chase a dream, to find something I loved to do and then get paid to do it.
And for nearly a decade, that was being a sports reporter — until now.
This Friday will be my last day here at the Times. I’m leaving the newspaper industry, one that I’ve experienced many great moments in and met even better people through.
It’s been a blast and it would be a futile exercise to try and list all the people that I’m grateful to for that. This latest stop, working here in Leavenworth, was by far the best and that’s the God honest truth.
From the coaches, to the athletic directors, to the students, to the parents, the support I’ve received was the only way I survived. It wasn’t always easy, nor glamorous, but it was rewarding because I felt like I was representing my own community — bring pride to those I knew deserved it.
And so, I simply want to thank you all. I’m grateful to you for allowing me to tell your stories, for I know that wasn’t always easy.
I’m grateful to you for forgiving my mistakes, for I know they were frustrating and inexcusable at times. But perhaps most of all, I’m grateful to you for being so friendly and helpful, for it made this job fun to do.
To wrap up, I have to thank the staff here at the Times. This business is ever changing, shifting and redefining itself, and that is hard to deal with.
However, because of the people here at this newspaper, I came back to the office every day for over three and a half years feeling lucky to do so.
In the end, that is all I wanted in a job.
Yet, the time has come for me to move on. I’ve found a new love, and to find out what that is check out thecallkansascity.com.
It’s something that has filled my heart, and fortunately, I’ve been given the chance to do it full-time.
Like I said, I’ve been blessed, and I have all of you to thank for it.
Take care and God bless.