Wednesday was our final Late Night Under the Lights Bicycle Race at the Warren Middle School in Leavenworth.

Wednesday was our final Late Night Under the Lights Bicycle Race at the Warren Middle School in Leavenworth. It was great!
We had 68 children race with six juniors and 12 adults. Superb turn out.
Racing started at 6:45 p.m. A little late, but we had great numbers turning up to register so we waited.
The children's races went very well. We gave out medals for last night's race and trophies for the summer series. It was very exciting.
In the 11-12 year old category, we had a tie for first place. A call for run off was made. The two boys, Harry Ross and John Finnegan, raced in the first race to determine who would take the first and second place trophies. It was very exciting with Harry winning.
We estimated their sprinting speeds to be about 24 mph. All the kids rode well. You could see they were winded as they finished each race. Some children sprinted, some waved their hands and all were smiling.
We learned a couple new things about junior racing last night. First, a rider may not swerve into the path of a following rider. Racers can file a protest with the head official.
If the protest is approved the rider committing the offense could be relegated to last place or disqualified from the race.
Next, junior racers are required to conduct a "Roll Out" after each official USCF race. In a roll out, racers are required to place the bike in it's largest possible gear. The official would then roll out the bike.
If the crank arm does not complete one full revolution in 26 feet, the bike and rider are disqualified. No roll out was conducted last night; however they will be conducted in all our future events.
As the adult race started, the sunlight was dropping low. For the first time, we were truly late night under the lights.
It was an electric atmosphere.
Riders were cruising the course at high speeds. The weather was cool. The high volume of the kid races was replaced by a quiet calm.
The racers were able to hear the announcements as the cruised by the start finish line.
Huge thanks to Roger Harrison, Joe Porter, Paula Cole, Barb Sheehan, Julie Anderson, and Lynea Finnigan for their help in running the race.
Thanks to our terrific sponsors: Leavenworth Bicycle Club, Leavenworth Parks and Recreation, Kramer and Associates Accounting, Pam Hall, Harbor Lights, Sis Sweets, Mr. Good Cents of Leavenworth, Lansing Pizza Hut and Santa Fe Trails Bicycle Shop.