When the adult softball teams signed up this year, one team name intrigued me - the Goosetown Reds.

Been musing about the Goosetown Reds recently.
* When the adult softball teams signed up this year, one team name intrigued me - the Goosetown Reds.
Upon talking with John VanSchoelandt, their coach, I found that the team consisted of a group of men who had coached their sons throughout their youth baseball years. The men had discussed how much fun it would be to someday play together with their sons on a team.
Well, this summer the boys were old enough to play adult softball on a team with their fathers. Thus, the Goosetown Reds adult softball team was born.
As the summer progressed, I began to wonder where the name Goosetown came from. So, I asked Bob.
“When we first organized our boys' team years ago, I was visiting with a Leavenworth old-timer and he told me that Goosetown was a name of a part of Leavenworth back in the old days.”
Always curious about Leavenworth history, so I did some checking.
In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the fifth district of Leavenworth was originally known as Cincinnati and renamed Goosetown due to the thousands of geese in the area.
The manufacturing of feather beds had become the primary industry of the german population residing in that area. One goose would produce 24 pounds of feathers which would make two feather beds.
It was the northwest area of Leavenworth, west of Broadway and north of Seneca Street. It bordered Lickskillet which was the northeast district of Leavenworth.
* Baseball was absolutely awesome this summer.
The George Brett league grew by one team. The coaches did an unbelievable job with the boys throughout the season.
I want to thank each and every coach: Jason Bradley, Mark Denney, Michael Mulvihill, Brian Ramey and Jimmy Watkins. It was great to see the improvement from the first to last game. Thanks to each and every one of you.
In the Willie Mays league, we had several veteran coaches from last year: Ross Brown, Mark Clemens and Randy Kohl. We had two new coaches who had very young teams this year: Chester Cole and Jim Kochanowski.
The games were extremely competitive this year and I received great comments about the coaches and the learning that took place on the teams.
The Pee Wee Reese league welcomed four new coaches: Michael Lizardi, Jamie Meyer, Dan Nicodemus and Jimmy Watkins. This league also grew as we added the Cowboys this year.
Zak Knapp and Chuck Wolken were the returning coaches from last year. The games, for the most part, were extremely competitive as there were less games decided by run spread this year than there were last year.
The growth of the league is very encouraging.
* This year we added a competitive league for the 14-16 year old boys. The Geiger Ready-Mix Showcase league had a successful maiden season.
We were excited by the fact we had seven teams in our inaugural season: Auto Finance Company Eagles (Mike Eskina), Leavenworth Baseball Club (Nathan Troyer), Leavenworth Bluejays (Scott Watkins), Leavenworth Knights (John Goetz), Lumberjacks (Steve Wright), McLouth (Nancy Willits), and Watkins Cattle Company (Steve Watkins).
The Leavenworth Bluejays won the initial season with a 10-2 record. We want to thank everyone one who had a part in making this season such a successful season.
* Adult women’s softball saw a full slate of games being played on Tuesday. The Ball Busters (Heather Goodman), Luxury and Imports (Deb Guse), and Green Leaf Nutrition (April Norberto) were victorious in their games.
With their victory, Ball Busters (9-0) clinched at least a share of the championship with three games remaining.
With four weeks remaining, there is a real battle for second place with Luxury and Imports (6-3), Green Leaf Nutrition (5-4), RM Painting (4-4), and Ten Penny/Gronis (4-4) all battling for that position.
* In division I, Great Western (Todd Eastburn), LCF (Tim Banks) and Wildwoods Wildboys (Shaggy Touchton) were victorious this week.
With only three weeks remaining, Great Western has also clinched at least a tie for the division I championship. On the other hand, only two games separate second and seventh place.
* The battle in division II rages on. 2711 (Jeff Collins), Los Diablos (Steve Zamora) and Myers Tire Supply (Matt Galley) won the games this week.
This is a real battle as two games separate first and fifth place. We only have two weeks remaining for this week. Every game in these two weeks are going to impact these standings.
* Crown Lanes (George Braswell), North Pointe Shipping (Jack Kasten) and LV All-Stars (Ray Honeycutt) were the division III victors for the week.
With five weeks remaining in division III, there is a three-way battle waging between Great Western III (Scott Watkins) at 6-1, North Pointe Shipping (6-2) and LV All-Stars (5-2).  Good luck the rest of the way.
* I have extended the adult coed softball and adult coed kickball registration deadline until Aug. 12. There will be no registrations taken after that date as we will begin the season the following week.
* Two of our summer softball coaches from the Donna Lopiano league (11-13 age group), Stacy Cross and Jason Bradley, are conducting tryouts this Sunday at Hawthorne Park at 10: a.m. for any girls interested in playing fall softball.
Let’s get our girls out there to raise the level of our softball programs.