Some work remains at Pleasant Ridge Elementary School, but the building will be ready for the first day of school later this month.

Some work remains at Pleasant Ridge Elementary School, but the building will be ready for the first day of school later this month.

That's according to Harold Fevurly, director of maintenance and grounds for the Easton school district.

He's been serving as the district's project manager for the construction of three additions to the school as as other improvements. Work began on the additions about 10 months ago.

The work was the result of a $4 million bond issue approved by voters in April 2012. The school's expansion made it possible for the district's fourth- and fifth-grade classes to be moved from the Salt Creek Valley School to Pleasant Ridge Elementary.

District officials have said closing Salt Creek Valley School will save in upkeep costs for the building, which opened in 1957.

Fevurly said Pleasant Ridge Elementary School, which opened in 2004, had been designed with the idea it could be expanded in the future.

"It was well thought out when they built the first one," he said.

Enrollment at Pleasant Ridge Elementary will increase by more than 100 students with the addition of the fourth- and fifth-grade classes, according to Superintendent Chuck Coblentz.

The existing building encompassed 44,600 square feet. The additions increase the school's size by 16,092 square feet.

The additions gave the school 13 additional classrooms. One of the new rooms will be used as a computer classroom.

"We've never had computer instruction at the elementary school before," Coblentz said.

One of the additions also houses a room that was constructed with reinforced concrete that Fevurly said can serve as a storm shelter.

He said the library in the older portion of the school also can serve as a storm shelter.

Improvements at Pleasant Ridge Elementary include the construction of a separate playground for kindergarten and preschool students, something the school hasn't had in the past. And an existing playground that will be used by older students has been enlarged.

Fevurly said Thursday that work still remained on the two playgrounds, but he expected one to be completed later that day. He said landscaping work also remains.

An open house will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. Aug. 11 at the school, which is located at 20753 Easton Road. The first day of school will be Aug. 14.

Coblentz said the cost of the project will total about $2.6 million. He said there will be money left over from the bond issue.

He said the money only can be used for things that were specified in the bond issue. He said the money can be used for improvements at other buildings in the district. The money also could be used to pay down the debt from the bond issue. He said it can't be used to pay people's salaries.

Coblentz said the Easton Board of Education has time to look carefully at the issue. He said there's no time limit for spending the money.

"So they've got some major decisions to make," he said.

School board members have not yet discussed what they want to do with the Salt Creek Valley building, which has been closed as a school. Coblentz said this discussion likely will begin in September.

"There's all kinds of options," the superintendent said.

The board can decide to give away the building or put it up for auction. The building also could be used by the district for some other purpose.