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  • Down Home: The stork is doing double time

  • The kids had all come over to swim in the afternoon, as with the hot weather it was hard to be comfortable unless you were wet.
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  • The kids had all come over to swim in the afternoon, as with the hot weather it was hard to be comfortable unless you were wet. Plans were being made for my daughter's baby shower and boyfriend's daughter's wedding. Seemed like everyone was buzzing with excitement.
    It didn't seem too unusual when my oldest daughter asked if everyone would get out of the pool for a picture. We all lined up, sweating and swatting flies as we baked in the sun while my son-in-law tried to figure out where his camera was. As I sat there looking at all of them I couldn't help but think how blessed I am to have my two grown daughters and their husbands close by, a grandchild on the way and am able to be a part of my boyfriend's kids' and grandkids' lives.
    For whatever reason, the son-in-law was fumbling with his camera, and after being married to my daughter for the last 10 years, I've come to know him as the guru of all technology, so it seemed a little odd, but eventually he gave us the go ahead to say cheese.
    Instead of saying cheese, she said, "I'm pregnant."
    He recorded everyone's reaction to the announcement that my oldest daughter is pregnant and now I'm going to be a grandma two times, with the babies being just four months apart.
    I'm so excited, I can hardly stand myself!
    I've been patiently waiting (OK, patiently probably isn't an accurate description) for my 32-year-old daughter to have a baby, and the day has arrived. When she began college, she mapped out a life plan, and had told me all along babies weren't going to be in the picture until now, but I didn't see this coming, and the recording of my reaction tells it all.
    Both of my daughters are going to have babies. Wow, life doesn't get any better than this.
    With one due in October and now the other in January, I have lots to do, although I'm not exactly sure what, but my mind is racing a hundred miles an hour in anticipation.
    The two grandkids will be able to grow up together and be best cousins, and I can't wait to find out if this one will be another boy or a girl. Time can't pass by fast enough.
    When I got up this morning, my back hurt, the knees were creaking and while passing by a mirror, I noticed gray hairs were standing straight up from the top of my head.
    I don't have to be vain any more; I'm going to grandma.
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