I have had a great week in the world of savings. I have found countless ways to save on a multitude of products.

I have had a great week in the world of savings. I have found countless ways to save on a multitude of products.

One of the first ways I saved on things this week was with back-to-school shopping.

When trying on my daughter's church shoes she wore last winter and fall, we quickly discovered her shoes were too small.
So that I would not negatively impact the family budget, I stuck to the theory of new things in and old things out.

On Monday,  I received a coupon in the mail for an area shoe store that had  20 percent off a shoe purchase.
I knew I could get shoes at a great price here, so I quickly went into action.

My home was in need of a good purge. I quickly went into my daughter's closet and found several toys and games she has not played with in a little while.

I put them on a local area Facebook selling site and sold them that day.
The money that I made from selling the toys, I quickly put towards the price of a new pair of shoes.  
I was excited because not only did I clean my closets, I made a little profit off of it.

This is not the only way I saved this week.
This week I also received coupons in the mail from an area grocery store that I like to shop when they have great sales going on.
The coupons were for items I could get totally free simply because I have used the store's rewards cards.

With my coupons I was able to pick up a free box of cake mix, a free packags of ball point pens, a free box of breakfast snacks and $1 off gluten-free pizza crust that I enjoy purchasing for my son as a treat.
I also was able to purchase a bottle of body wash and shampoo for under a dollar, and other items for over half off the original price.  
When I exited the store, I walked away with an armful of groceries and only spent a few dollars. I love that no extreme couponing was involved and it was extremely easy.

However, my savings did not stop there.  
I was then able take that same loyalty reward's card and save 10 cents off a gallon of gas at an area gas station that already had one of the lowest prices in town.

I cannot stress the importance of having a loyalty rewards card.
Typically I find that on top of the savings you get weekly on sales from owning one, you will frequently get additional coupons in the mail that amount to additional savings.

Remember savings are everywhere you turn.
You do not have to look hard if you are wanting to save on your purchases.
Remember the key to living frugally is purge, plan and be on the look-out.
If you follow these simple steps you can save a bundle.
 Do you have frugal tips? E-mail them to localnews2005@yahoo.com.