It may be referred to as a locker room, but a building at Pioneer Stadium used by visiting teams has no lockers.

It may be referred to as a locker room, but a building at Pioneer Stadium used by visiting teams has no lockers.

The visitors locker room at the Leavenworth High School stadium was discussed Wednesday night during a meeting of the Leavenworth Board of Education.

Board member Doug Darling said the building doesn't have lockers or showers. And he proposed that district officials develop a plan for changing that.

Board members ultimately took no action on the matter Wednesday. But they asked for a list that ranks proposed facility projects in order of priority.

The discussion about the locker room came after board members had approved a 2013-2014 budget that calls for an increase in property taxes to generate more money for the district's capital outlay fund. The fund can be used to pay for construction and maintenance projects.

Kevin Gullett, chief financial officer for the district, said Thursday that architects have "guesstimated" installing showers and lockers in the building would cost between $90,000 and $100,000. He said installing only showers is estimated to cost $60,000.

During Wednesday's meeting, Darling acknowledged that his proposal is "not going to be cheap."

Board President Nancy Klemp said of the inside of the visitors locker room as being "like a big storage area."

Klemp seconded a motion made by Darling to direct the district to develop a plan to install lockers and showers.

Board member Mike Carney said visiting football players don't bring additional clothes to change into after a game. He said they return to their own schools after games.

Klemp said Carney is probably right when it comes to football. But she said track meets at the high school are the issue.

Carney later questioned why visiting students can't walk into the nearby high school building and use showers there.

Pioneer Stadium was constructed as a result of a 2008 bond issue. Gullett said the district spent about $10.5 million on Pioneer Stadium.

Carney questioned Wednesday who made the decision not to install showers and lockers when the visitors when locker room was built.

Board Vice President Marti Crow said the district has a capital outlay plan, and she expressed concern about board members jumping in with projects.

"There may be more crucial things than the locker rooms at the stadium," she said.

Darling proposed the district use what he referred to as pairwise comparisons to rank projects.

Matt Dedeke, director of facilities for the district, said he can provide a list to board members with a ranking of projects. But that there will be wild cards thrown at the district in the future that will have to be addressed.

"There's going to be things that pop up constantly," he said.

Darling said he was willing to withdraw his motion to allow a list to be presented to the board.

Klemp asked if the list can be ready in a couple of months.

Assistant Superintendent Bret Church said he will try to provide board members information regarding state level facility requirements for hosting special sports events. He also will try to obtain comparison information regarding other districts' facilities.