Once upon a time in the land of Leavenworth there was an enchanting resource, the Leavenworth Public Library.

Once upon a time in the land of Leavenworth there was an enchanting resource, the Leavenworth Public Library. Located at 417 Spruce Street, the Library was a fusion of the pioneering spirit, celebrated in their Kansas Room, with innovation captured in their collection. Oh, wait! The Leavenworth Public Library continues today as a vibrant community anchor with portals using current technologies to access knowledge around the world! Have you stopped in lately to check it out?

This week I want to tell you how we are connecting you through a fairytale to the past, to take better care of the future! How you ask? YOUR Library is launching a new piece to our collection, Heirloom Seeds. The first seeds in this young collection are Rouge Vif D'Etampes, the Cinderella or Fairytale pumpkin. What is unique about this centuries old French heirloom pumpkin is once it is fully grown it looks just like Cinderella's coach, hence the fairytale connection! Introduced to the United States in 1883, this pumpkin is the perfect seed to launch our collection because it ties neatly into the time period of Buffalo Bill Cody.
How will this work? Well . . .

Patrons can check out a package of 10 seeds beginning Saturday, Sept. 14 after 4 p.m. To check the seeds out, participants agree to enter their name and the date of the "checkout" in a journal kept in the Kansas Room. This way we can trace the history of our heirloom seed collection.

The idea is when patrons plant our seeds; they will bring seeds back to the Library at harvest time from their plants. This way we can grow our collection and document how Joe Smith started with our seeds, returned 30 seeds that went to Bob Jones, Heather Jack, and Sarah Smiley. You get the picture.

Maybe you are wondering about the launch date? We have tied the heirloom seed launch with our inaugural Bake Off at Buffalo Bill Days. If you questioned why we have two mandatory ingredients, pumpkin and/or apple, now you know! According to Miss Mary Kay, our Kansas historian extraordinaire, Leavenworth was once known for apple orchards. While no longer the case, we are celebrating this historic fact at Buffalo Bill Days.

We are also very honored to have Bill Kromer, of the Leavenworth Farmer's Market, as our head Bake Off judge and local official who launches the heirloom seed collection. Very knowledgeable about the subject, Bill plans to give a brief overview of heirloom seeds right before the panel judges the baked entries, pies and cakes.
If you have not been by to pick up the rules for the Buffalo Bills Days Bake Off, stop in today and get your copy from the reference desk. Rules are also available on our website, www.leavenworthpubliclibrary.org.

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It is our pleasure to be YOUR Leavenworth Public Library staff. As always, we look forward to talking books and more with you soon!