Defunding this! Not allowing the debt ceiling increased! Extort or close down government!

To the editor:
Defunding this! Not allowing the debt ceiling increased! Extort or close down government! Congress has not changed its stripes so much since our great American Revolution. They took our volunteers did not feed them or clothe them; yet, were it not for the ingenious generals that commanded the untrained and undersupplied, we would not have won.

The following will show how much we are indebted to our revolutionary heritage. Here are some of the descriptions of this era by J.T. Headley in his "Washington and His Generals", Hurst & Company, undated: "Whole ranks were barefoot and in rags, and hundreds were stark naked, with nothing but tufts of moss on their shoulders and hips, to keep their muskets and cartridge-boxes from chafing their skins." Gen. Greene remarked at the Battle of Eutaw Springs; at the Battle of Ninety-Six, "But to Greene there was no repose; and he immediately set about a reorganization of the army. Congress, however, could do nothing, and no money was sent to him with which to pay off the soldiers." Gen. Schuyler, "So pressed was the government for want of specie, that he himself raised over $14,000 on his personal security." And subterfuge from non-support of generals is shown in the following: MG Benedict Arnold, "Finding his juniors promoted over him he became deeply embittered, and wished at once to retire from the army..." but, Washington persuaded him to stay, "Confidently trusting to the justice of Congress, he showed a magnanimity and patriotism unsurpassed by any officer in the army." of MG Stark, "Or was Stark, who resigned at once for the same cause that maddened Arnold,.." of the plot to replace Washington, "..and that the clique in Congress, which wished to put Gates in the place of Washington, lay at the bottom of this great wrong."

Without belaboring this position, I say Congress is still myopic to the needs and wishes of the people, blinded by their own interests. Yes, our country has come and gone a long way, even to the moon, but it still reeks with Congressional abuse of the country our forefathers so gallantly fought.

The majority rule was our forefathers remedy, those that garnered more representatives or senators deserved the right to have their policies enacted, except where specifically changed. A President should be allowed his chosen administration within a reasonable time, not years, for all nominations. To be beaten by unconstitutional Senate rules is tyranny by another name.