As they met Monday, members of the Leavenworth County turned their attention to a meeting planned for next week.

As they met Monday, members of the Leavenworth County turned their attention to a meeting planned for next week.

Commissioners received additional information about a planned meeting with representatives of the Mid-America Regional Council. The meeting is scheduled for Sept. 3 at the Leavenworth County Courthouse.

Commissioners also discussed the meeting last week. Commissioner Dennis Bixby expressed concern Thursday that Leavenworth County is underrepresented in MARC.

The issue of the meeting came up again Monday as commissioners prepared to approve minutes from Thursday.

County Administrator Pat Hurley said he will be putting together a packet of information about MARC for the commissioners ahead of next week's meeting. The packet will include MARC's bylaws.

According to the organization's website, MARC is a non-profit association of city and county governments in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The organization acts as a planning agency for the region, serving a nine-county area.

Hurley is anticipating that David Warm, MARC's executive director, and Mell Henderson, MARC's director of transportation, will visit with commissioners during the Sept. 3 meeting.

Bixby and Commission Chairman Bob Holland serve on the MARC board of directors. Each also has an alternate. The alternates are being invited to next week's meeting.

Hurley said with two commissioners serving on the board, Leavenworth County has more representatives than some of the Missouri counties that are part of MARC.

Hurley said every city in Leavenworth County belongs to MARC including Easton and Linwood.

"They are not on the board," Hurley said of the cities in Leavenworth County. "They are members of MARC."

According to MARC's website, the organization's board has elected representatives from each of the nine member counties as well as the six largest cities in the region.

Hurley said he has seen people who aren't elected officials serving on MARC committees.

"We have a number of department heads that serve on committees," he said.

He said county department heads are aware of next week's meeting.

Bixby said he believes next week's meeting will give commissioners a better picture of what's going on.