The Sagasu Family Martial Arts presented two first degree black belts, and one junior black belt in Taekwondo, and one first degree black belt in karate on Aug. 17. Three of the black belts were teens who started martial arts when they were as young as 8-10-years-old.   The fourth received a junior black belt at age 11. Professor Ken Baker, head instructor and owner of Sagasu, told the group that only one out a hundred ever makes it to black belt. 16-year-olds Abby Logan and Max Campbell began their journey at 8-years-old.   Amber Ketchum, 15, began at age 10.   After training in Korea during his father's military assignment, Anthony Krebs, 11, came to Sagasu only one rank away from a junior black belt. Upon arrival at Sagasu, he committed to additional two years of training to receive his junior black belt.   Krebs is the first of the Sagasu junior black belts. Professor Baker also thanked the parents for their commitment to ensure the students got to class and encouraging them through obstacles along the way. The test involved each student presenting all their forms and 25 self defense sets before a panel of seven Sagasu black belt instructors.