This Second Saturday in downtown Leavenworth sounds like it is going to be the happening place to be, especially if you like live music and family things to do.

This Second Saturday in downtown Leavenworth sounds like it is going to be the happening place to be, especially if you like live music and family things to do. The fact is, there are so many things going on, that in the interest of deconflicting schedules, times for activities seem to keep adjusting. Generally speaking, though, if you just show up on Saturday or Sunday, you will have plenty to enjoy.

Of course the regular Saturday morning Farmers Market will be at Haymarket Square and since this is also the second Saturday, there will be a lot of crafters and flea market people in the same location under the canopy. Naturally, if you want the best choice of foods and junk stuff to sort through, go early.

Then, over by Fourth Street in the big parking lots on both sides of the street, there will be an assortment of live music groups performing throughout the day. Apparently Main Street has arranged for a pretty nice party and hopefully that will attract the crowds just passing through on Fourth Street.

Once they stop and park to listen to the music, many of them will also hopefully head over to Haymarket Square where the Buffalo Bill Days activities will begin in the afternoon once the flea market folks move out. Personally, I am pretty excited that there are so many activities planned for this one weekend that events are tripping over each other downtown.

The list of activities for Buffalo Bill Days is way too long to express in one article, but you can find the list elsewhere. Really, though, you don't need a list to know that there is so much going on for Buffalo Bill Days that it also expands into Sunday.

Both days will include lots of live music and Cricket has worked her magic to have everyone doing it on a volunteer basis.
Actually she had no choice because there was no stash of money available to pay for entertainment, but everyone has come through to donate their time and effort to benefit the downtown and to give everyone a good time of entertainment.

Buffalo Bill was a complex person and there are good things to celebrate about him and he also did some really bad things, but in general, celebrating the life and activities of Buffalo Bill is practically celebrating a major part of the history of Leavenworth County. If I had to recommend the first bronze star in one of our sidewalks, I would probably recommend that it be for Buffalo Bill because he represents both our military and civilian history really well.

One thing is certain, success breeds success, so if we want to see more great weekends we need to support something like this Second Saturday and Buffalo Bill Days weekend so that we can do it again next time even bigger and better.

As far as I know, all of the money raised by local groups will stay local. For example, the Public Library pie and cake fundraiser will go to support the many kids programs at the library. I am pretty certain that none of the fundraisers will go to organizations where the executives take in multiple hundreds of thousand dollar salaries.
Sorry about that, I just believe in taking care of our own first and keeping the money local where it will do the most good with the least cost.

Whether you decide to support a fundraiser or not, for the second weekend in September the place to be is going to be in downtown Leavenworth and the cost is free. Don't use your gas money to go to Kansas City this weekend, stay in Leavenworth.

Matt Nowak lives in Lansing and works as a natural resources manager.