With children heading back to school and the holidays right around the corner, tis the season to start purging.

With children heading back to school and the holidays right around the corner, tis the season to start purging.

The key to living the frugal lifestyle is by knowing what you have. Before you head into the holidays, make sure you purge, purge and purge some more.

Purging is not a one-time process. It is important you purge several times throughout the year.

Recently, I purged my son's closet. By the time I was done with the purging process, I was able to rid his closets of 3 1/2 full trash bags of unused toys. I was able to donate the toys to a charitable organization. This has been a wonderful experience for several reasons.

Not only will deserving children gain these toys, but my son now truly knows what he has and plays with the toys he has left over far more.
It also is a great tool for when you are trying to teach your child to keep their room clean.
When your children live with less, it will not take as long to clean their things.

I have been to several homes where the children's toys fill the basement from floor to ceiling.
I do not believe in this philosophy. I believe in living with less.
If the toys do not fit in my son's closet or toy box, it is time to get rid of them. I would encourage people to not allow toys to overrun your home.
I find children thoroughly appreciate their toys when they have fewer toys.

Do not feel the need to keep up with the Jones. Material things truly do not bring you happiness.
I also find used toys are the best. I recently got my son presents for his upcoming birthday from the Fort Leavenworth Thrift Store for pennies on the dollar. I was able to purchase wooden Thomas toys for a quarter a toy.

For those who know the price of Thomas the Tank Engine toys, they cost $14 or more at the store.
There are several keys to living the frugal lifestyle.
However, all the keys have one thing in common.
The key word to living frugally is less. It is important to remember to not only pay less, but also live with less. Then you will truly conquer what it means to live frugally.

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