The manager of EuroPottery, Lona Brozay, talks about the upcoming cooking classes the business will be hosting.

The manager of EuroPottery, Lona Brozay, talks about the upcoming cooking classes the business will be hosting.

1. Lona, why did EuroPottery decide to begin offering cooking classes?
Polish Pottery and cooking are a natural fit. At The EuroPottery Shop not a day goes by that we are not talking to our customers about the versatility of our pottery. Likewise, our customers enjoy sharing with us the many uses they have for their pieces. We figured, "What better way to share this information than to actually illustrate how beautifully the pottery goes from the oven to the table and all of the great ways to use it, and have some fun in the process."

2. Who will lead the classes and what is his background in creating good food?
Wyatt Crabill is the head chef and co-owner of Streetwise Cuisine in Leavenworth. He has worked as a chef, kitchen manager, and cook in several restaurants around Kansas City and Manhattan, KS.

3. What type of cuisine will be highlighted at the classes and what are some of the dishes that will be featured?
Each class will focus on the popular cuisine of a particular country or region of Europe. This month we are exploring Spanish food, including paella and several tapas dishes. For our October classes, we will be delving into German as well as Austrian food.

4. What are the details of when, where, cost and how to register for the classes?
The classes are held at The EuroPottery Shop, 209 Delaware, Historic Downtown Leavenworth, Kan. We have two classes scheduled for Sept. 17 for lunch ($13); Sept. 19 for dinner ($18). Classes will be limited in size to 10 or 12 people.
We are posting class information on our Facebook page. Currently registration and payment for classes is in advance by phone 913-680-0806, or in the shop.

5. What will be the most important things that participants can expect to learn from the classes and can those who may not frequent their own kitchens as much as they should benefit from the classes?
EuroPottery's Cooking Class is a great place to gather with friends, learn how to make a new dish, and have a bite to eat all rolled into one.
We want to provide a venue that is casual and inviting, a spot for a girls' night out or even a 'date night.' So take the night off and come cook with us.

- Rimsie McConiga