Francie Fitzgerald is Chair of the Armed Forces sub-committee.

Francie Fitzgerald is Chair of the Armed Forces sub-committee.

1. Francie, can you tell us about the upcoming Pancake Breakfast, who is sponsoring it, and the two organizations that it will benefit?
The JROTC at Leavenworth High School is sponsoring a Pancake Breakfast at Applebee's on 4th Street on Saturday,  from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. to benefit the Fisher House in St. Louis as well as their own organization.  Our local Veterans' groups have been invited to support the Breakfast and the Leavenworth County Republican Women are providing coordination.

2. Most local residents are familiar with the JROTC Junior Guard  program at Leavenworth High School, but many people may not know much about the Fisher House. How does it benefit military families?
The Fisher House is the military equivalent of the Ronald MacDonald House providing temporary lodging at no cost to the family of a veteran during a medical crisis.  Located nearby many of the military's major medical facilities they provide a 'home away from home' for the veteran's family.

3. In what specific ways will the proceeds from the Pancake Breakfast help the JROTC Junior Guard program and the Fisher House?
Many of the needs and comforts of the Fisher House are provided by volunteers and voluntary  contributions.  The Pancake Breakfast provides an opportunity to support an organization taking care of our veterans and their families in a time of crisis.  Junior Guard program involves the JROTC student mentors interacting with area elementary, intermediate, and middle school students, instilling the character traits of citizenship, loyalty and discipline.  The proceeds to the JROTC will allow them to replace aging Junior Guard equipment, which is becoming more important as they have added another school this year, bringing the total to eight.

4. Will the event be an opportunity for the community to encourage our youth while simultaneously thanking our veterans?
Absolutely!  We can demonstrate our appreciation of the JROTC and their wonderful program of the Junior Guard as well as thank in person our veterans who attend.
 Knowing the proceeds go to such outstanding programs surely makes the $5 breakfast an extraordinary deal, one the whole family can enjoy.

5. How can people who are unable to attend the fundraiser help these two organizations?
Karen Posten, the assistant manager can be contacted at or at 314 652 4100 ext 66945 for Fisher House.
Contributions may be mailed to: Leavenworth HS JROTC, 2012 10th AVE, Leavenworth, KS 66048.

— Rimsie McConiga