The City is in the process of updating its comprehensive plan and needs your help.

The City is in the process of updating its comprehensive plan and needs your help. Many changes have taken place in Lansing since the last major update of the comprehensive plan more than 12 years ago. Volunteers are needed to sit on various committees.
This is truly an opportunity for you to have a voice in the future direction of your city.

A comprehensive plan is, in essence, the vision by which a community determines specific actions relative to zoning, planning, policies and projects that will have a major impact on the community.
Traditionally, a vocal few participate in this process and such a finished plan can be skewed by the opinion of those few people that choose to participate in the process.

In this plan, public input is critically important to build a living document that truly provides a wide ranging scope of views and provides a "snapshot" of the entire community.
This community is truly grounded in family values and all that goes with that value system, i.e. schools, quality of life and the preservation of character of the town.

Your opinion counts! Please make plans to join us at both public input meetings at 7 p.m. on Oct. 1 and 15 at the Lansing High School Auditorium.

Many of you have great ideas and it is important that you have a voice in what happens in your community.

The "Vision for Tomorrow Live-Work-Grow Lansing" initiative is a plan that will guide Lansing for the foreseeable future.
Help us make it a representation of your view of what Lansing should be.

Please get involved in this important project. Tell your friends and neighbors about these public meetings.
We want to make this a process where every citizen of Lansing has a voice in the future direction of the city.
I look forward to seeing you on Oct. 1 for the first public input meeting.