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  • Letter: How does trying to repeal health care act really help Kansans?

  • My opinion and response to the Honorable Lynn Jenkins, U.S. Rep. District 2, "Your Representatives," Sept. 21-22 edition of the Times, is the following:
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  • To the editor:
    My opinion and response to the Honorable Lynn Jenkins, U.S. Rep. District 2, "Your Representatives," Sept. 21-22 edition of the Times, is the following:
    She declares that she intends " - to make life a little easier for them. This is what I intend to do."
    The "them" are the "Kansans who are struggling to fight for themselves and their families in this weak economy." Does she plan to start doing this when she goes back this time; or, does she imply she has been doing this already? In any event, how is it making life easier for Kansans who are struggling, to have food stamps funds cut about $4 billion a year for the next 10 years?
    It has been reported on the NOW, MSNBC show, Sept. 19, that 20,000 Kansans will be removed from this SNAP due to this funding cut. An included working requirement does not make it easier for those that need this assistance, it makes it more difficult.
    The jobless rate is up in our state according to Aug. 20, 2013, LV Times, "Jobless rate up in state" article by the Associated Press, by .1 percent. Although there have been 23,300 private sector jobs gained over the past year, there are fewer people working in Kansas at the same time there are more people in the available labor pool.
    Likewise, how would defunding Obamacare make life a little easier for them? How is allowing insurance companies to drop paying customers at will; not respect pre-existing conditions; spend more than 20 percent on administration (executive bonuses?); not allow college-age children to remain on parents' health plan; not being able to search out best subsidized (making affordable) plan in the competitive exchange; not having employers for the first time offer health insurance to their employees; not paying for prenatal care, physicals, mammograms, make it easier for us Kansans?
    How can the dismal work record of the House of Representatives make it easier?: Where is the health care replacement plan alternative, to see if it will make life easier in Kansas? Where are the required passed appropriations bills along with or in response to a conference reconciliation of the passed Senate budget?
    Why 42 times passing a resolution defunding ACA, time could have been used to pass those appropriation bills? Why no jobs bills or bills that would relieve the sequestration cuts? Why has the immigration bill not been brought up? This would make our Hispanic struggling families life a little easier. This is not to say legislation has not been passed, only that it was passed knowing that the legislation would not go further than the House. How could such legislation make life easier in Kansas?
    I would think passing helpful legislation to Kansans even with Democratic support would make life easier in Kansas. When legislative time, bills and conferences are ignored, whose life does it make easier?
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