I used to think the parents who allowed their kids/put their kids on traveling sports teams were slightly crazy.  Didn’t they want relaxed family time?  Why succumb to all the rushing to and from far away towns?
Then this fall we veered into that territory with G signing up for third grade football, which happens to be a team that travels.  And so, for half of the fall schedule, our Saturdays are filled with lots of driving to and from far away towns.
Turns out, it’s pretty fun.
Early in the morning, we load up and drive for an hour and end up in small town that I (as of yet) haven’t seen too much of.  Then we drop off G and let the girls play at a nearby park before heading in to watch brother play.  
At the game, Little Missy walks to and from the concession a couple of times: once to check out the offerings, once to get money from her parents the pushovers, once to walk with Baby Chickadee and buy her something, too.
Baby Chickadee bides her time by playing with her friends, the younger siblings of two of the other players, sharing the cache of toys that are brought along by the parents; sometimes Barbies, sometimes My Little Pony, sometimes Memory, sometimes ignoring all toys when a toad is found on the ground.
Then we load up and head home, filled with sugar and carbs, before eating a quick lunch and heading to Little Missy’s soccer game, where it’s sort of same song second verse: Baby Chickadee plays with friends while G keeps an eye on her for me, before heading to the concession stand after the game.
Turns out, traveling to and from far away Kansas towns provides a semi-relaxed family day.  We’re all together in the car, then as a family we’re cheering on G, then as a family we’re later cheering on Little Missy (and Hubby, who’s one of the coaches of Little Missy’s team).
If we weren’t watching our kids play sports on Saturdays we’d be lying around in front of the TV eating pancakes, which is super fun, but can quickly turn into bickering when we’ve been inside too long.  And sure, there is bickering on the car rides and at the games, but for the most part it’s fun to watch my kids play a sport they’ve been practicing, and it’s fun to have the family together when we’re doing it.
Now I wonder what else will turn out to be fun that I’ve previously thought slightly crazy.