Tax-and-spend city commissioners.

To the editor:
Tax-and-spend city commissioners. The city sells land at $500+K to build a hotel on Metropolitan and then spends that money for a closed hotel for $500+K with two sales tax increases to boot! Usually the Democrat spending is for the needy e.g. food stamps, unemployment help, etc. I wonder who benefits from these transactions?
What some forget is that the rider on the CR is a bona fide law, passed by Congress and validated by the Supreme Court. This law funding passes out of discretionary spending, it will be funded regardless, I believe. Think, if this House can do this, a Democrat House can do this. What would be the lasting effect if this process could be done? What laws would be protected from defunding? None. Thus, to defund a law it must be deemed unconstitutional or illegal. If this is not the case, then Obamacare deserves to be implemented until proven so.
And not in a manner that is conditional e.g. fund the gov provided Obamacare is not funded. What is the purpose of putting this condition on a CR, if it was not to use the need to fund the government implying a shutdown?

Why did the House wait until September to pass the CR, since, they haven't seen it in their duty to pass the appropriations?
If you are an American, Tea Party, Democrat, Republican or unaffiliated, I think we all agree the government should operate according to the procedures and laws dictated in our Constitution and legally binding laws; including the ones we do not like.