The Lawrence Lions controlled the ball and was able to attack the goal most of the night, and it led to a 6-0 win over the Leavenworth Pioneers Tuesday night. There was about a six-minute stretch at the end of the first half when the Pioneers were able to flip the field and have control, but they weren’t able to maintain it. “They were starting to be smart with where they pass the ball and they got away from that,” said head coach Ken Lott. The Lions only scored one goal in the first half because of some great saves by senior goalkeeper Dylan Levine, but the attack was too strong in the second half and it led to five more goals for the Lions. Lott said the reasons for the loss were not playing hard the entire 80 minutes, passing and not putting enough pressure on the ball. “If you don’t do any of those things you’re not going to even have a chance to win,” he said. Senior Evan Lott spoke to coach Lott after the game about communication being a reason for the passing issues. “If you want the ball and you’re calling for the ball and you don’t go to the ball, that’s a problem,” coach Lott said. One of the key forwards for the Pioneers in senior Cameron Hayes was ineligible to play Tuesday, but Lott said he hopes he can play for their 7 p.m. game at Olathe North on Thursday. “It could have made a little bit of a difference and we might have had an opportunity to get a goal or two, but the way we were playing it wasn’t going to happen,” Lott said.