The Raiders scored two goals in the first eight minutes and the defense did the rest in a 2-0 win over the KC East Christian Lions on Thursday. Sophomore Mark Hernandez knocked in the two goals five minutes in and eight minutes in. After that, it was about the defense by freshman Ben Lee, and seniors Nathan Reardon, Jaxon Qualley and goalkeeper Phillip Hernandez. “I don't know if there are any better defenders around here than those four together,” said head coach Frank Mazeitis. “You are going to need to really work hard and you will have to go right through them to be able to score.” Every time the Lions got close to the goal, Lee, Reardon and Qualley were there to kick the ball away, and Hernandez saved it when shots got off. The Raiders had to limit substitutions because of a number of players being sick, but they still controlled much of the game. Senior James Cha had to switch to a more defensive role because of the limited number of players, and Mazeitis said he did well in the new spot. Freshman Mathew Keys and sophomore Ian Wheaton saw more action at the forward spots, too. “Ian stepped up, but we've been working with him,” Mazeitis sad. “He has to attack the goal more and he did that today.” Around eight minutes into the second half, the Raiders got close shots by Hernandez, Wheaton and Keys, but none found the net. “Matt has so much potential,” Mazeitis said. “He had two really good shots. Yes, they were at the keeper, but he's getting shots off.” The Raiders finish off their home schedule next week with a game against Cair-Paravel on Monday and one versus Maur-Hill Mount Academy on Tuesday. Both games start at 4:30 p.m.