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by Garon Cockrell
Boycott This Weekend's Saturday Night Live! Miley Cyrus Is A Terrible Person
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By Garon Cockrell
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Oct. 4, 2013 11:20 a.m.

by Kari Tervo
You know, I was of mixed minds about this whole Miley Cyrus controversy. On the one hand, I'm kind of bored with hyper-sexualized imagery everywhere everywhere everywhere. Isn't that what internet porn is for? Do we need to have sex in every aspect of everything? Can't we just have a conversation?
On the other side, I was like, well, this chick's like 20 years old. She's exploring life and sexuality, and she has a hot little body to go along with it. That shit doesn't last forever. Do it to it, girl.
So when Sinead O'Connor wrote her open letter to Miley, I understood O'Connor's side, but I also felt that she didn't respect Miley's agency enough. The world is a different place than it was when Sinead O'Connor was first taking the stage, and I don't think she should judge a woman for her choices. Even back then, I don't think it would have been right to do so.
But, O'Connor's concern as a woman who has lived some life was obvious. There was some advice to take, and some advice to leave. I thought it was, overall, a nice thing to do.
But then did you see Miley's response? I am no longer on Miley Cyrus' side.
Hannah Montana has not, in fact, grown up.
In response to O'Connor taking the time, Miley dug up some old tweets of O'Connor's in which she was distressed and suicidal. Then she posted those, along with that infamous photo of O'Connor tearing up the Pope's photo on Saturday Night Live, and said the following:
Before Amanda Bynes.... There was....
WHAT?!? You're freaking kidding me, Miley Cyrus! You're taking the words of a suicidal woman and throwing them in her face, equating criticism of the Church of Pedophilia to "crazy," and. . .bringing Amanda Bynes into it? What does Amanda Bynes have to do with any of this? She's currently sick and in a treatment facility.
Amanda Bynes has nothing to do with it, of course. Miley Cyrus is an entitled little bully-child who thinks she's got the world on lock and she can do anything she wants to do. So, she's mocking the disabled because poow widdle Miley didn't like getting some feedback from someone who knows more about the world than she does.
Miley Cyrus has been offensive to black women. Now she's mocking the mentally ill, using someone's suicidal symptoms against her, positioning protest as "crazy," and using another mentally ill woman as a pawn in her immature mission to prove she's invincible.
Well, she's not. Because she certainly doesn't have my support anymore, nor the support of so many people who are just so sick of her entitled attitude.
Miley, you've offended black women and mocked the mentally ill. What's next in your career? Pushing over retarded kids on the playground? You're so brave.
I'm boycotting Saturday Night Live this week. At least until Miley Cyrus, the entitled bully-child, decides to re-think her strategy and apologize for being a horrible person to the mentally ill: Sinead O'Connor, Amanda Bynes, and the millions of people around the world who suffer with mental illnesses.
Hey Miley! Nobody likes this kid:
Miley Cyrus at the 2013 VMAs
So knock it off!
BOYCOTT SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE OCTOBER 5th! At least until Miley Cyrus stops being an entitled little twat. So I guess that means we won't be watching.

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