Lansing High School students are trying their hands at being entrepreneurs.

Lansing High School students are trying their hands at being entrepreneurs.

Sixteen students are enrolled in the Youth Entrepreneurs program, which is new this year at the school.

Teacher Dustin Myers said there had been a semester-long entrepreneurship program. But he said Youth Entrepreneurs, which is a year-long program, is more about teaching a mindset. The program also incorporates a lot of hands-on experience.

"They get hands-on experience almost every day," he said of the students.

Youth Entrepreneurs, which is a not-for-profit program, is taught in about 30 high schools in Kansas and Missouri, serving more than 1,000 students each year. It started in 1991 as an eight-week program in a Wichita high school but eventually expanded to a year-long course, according to information on the organization's website.

"I got into it just kind of by luck," Myers said.

He said a contractor involved in the construction of the new Lansing High School apparently was exposed to Youth Entrepreneurs through a breakfast hosted by the program.

"I think he mentioned it to the school district," he said.

Myers went to training for the program this past summer.

The teacher said the program provides a lot of resources. He said a regional manager even speaks with the students from time to time.

Myers said the program includes team activities.

A major activity planned for the class is Market Day in which students will be selling a products during lunchtime.

Myers said the inaugural class at Lansing High School is made up primarily of juniors and seniors, but the course is open to sophomores as well.

"I think it's going great," he said.

He said area businesses will be getting involved in the program.

He said students will be able to learn the type of skills needed to start one's own business.