September was a busy month at YOUR Library.

September was a busy month at YOUR Library. We forged partnerships with local businesses and service organizations to bring the best programming to our community. I would like to thank the businesses and organizations who support this vital community anchor, YOUR Library.

Bill Kromer of the Leavenworth Farmer's Market was instrumental in getting our heirloom seed collection off the ground. Bill patiently educated me on heirloom seeds and even agreed to be the local official who launched the collection at Buffalo Bill Days. Thank you Bill!
Missie Darnley, the owner of First Taste Olive Oils & Vinegars in downtown Leavenworth, and Jeremy of Lansing Liquor, graciously supported our "Cozy" Mystery event on Sept. 15. Held at First Olive Oils, Missie and her staff prepared delectable foods which they placed throughout her store.

Missie and her staff designed the menu to partner with the selected book titles we displayed. The wines, provided by Lansing Liquors, enhanced the event. The distinctive afternoon also marked the one-year anniversary for First Taste Olive Oils & Vinegars. Thank you Jeremy and Lansing Liquor for the wine! Thank you Missie for hosting the event and sharing your special day with YOUR Library!
Sept. 21, YOUR Library hosted our first GREAT BanBao Block Build. Thaddeus, of Dad's Toys and Trains in downtown Leavenworth, partnered with us and provided six tubs of blocks and three unique sets for kids to use to build their creations.

Thaddeus and library staff spread blocks down the tables at 1 p.m. for anyone to build whatever they could imagine.

It was an amazing afternoon! The creations ranged from Santa and his reindeer to a sunflower to a lizard dog. Everyone took time to work out details of their creation and most had a story behind them. Darlene, Thaddeus, and I enjoyed watching the adults and kids have fun building and helping each other out. It did not matter who you came with because everyone helped everyone out by finding pieces or working on structural integrity. Thank you Thaddeus for supplying the blocks! Thank you also for the generous donation of blocks for YOUR Library ! We look forward to the Next GREAT BanBao Block Build in December!

Local martial arts studio, Sagasu Family Martial Arts, offered our community three opportunities for FREE self-defense instruction. Thank you Sagasu staff!

I also mentioned in the beginning YOUR Library is partnering with local service organizations to bring their message to our community. In September, the Leavenworth Lions club graciously provided information we used to create a display located near the circulation desk. Many people stopped to read about who the Lions are and what they do for our community. Generosity and a deep desire to make Leavenworth a better place for everyone are evident in the pictures and in their mission.

Their generosity hit close to home for YOUR Library when the club provided a computer station for the visually impaired. Thank you Leavenworth Lions club!
It is our privilege to partner with the rich assortment of local businesses and service organizations! The signs are up everywhere to shop local. As you can see local businesses are supporting YOUR Library by making unique and FUN programs available to our community. I hope you will support them in return!

Generous individuals who work to make our community the best hometown in the world man the service organizations. I hope you will also support them in return.

It is our pleasure to be YOUR Leavenworth Public Library staff. As always we look forward to talking books and more with you soon! Oh, I almost forgot to mention the zombies . . . Check our website @!