It was another tough night for Leavenworth soccer, and coach Ken Lott said his team should put on their running shoes for Friday's practice. “We are probably going to go out and run a little bit tomorrow because people don't want to run during the game,” he said after a 10-0 loss to Shawnee Mission Northwest. The game was stopped with about 14 and a half minutes left for the mercy rule. “We are lacking a little bit of heart,” Lott said. “We are lacking a little bit of pride. I think that's keeping us from getting us to where we want to get.” Senior Evan Lott had a meeting with the team afterwards, and it wasn't the first time he's tried to motivate the team. “They've had a couple of meetings,” coach Lott said. “Probably two or three the last two or three weeks trying to get them to play and put forth that effort.” The Pioneers have had a disappointing year and coach Lott said there just aren't enough players giving it their all. “He was frustrated because he doesn't think that people are giving 100 percent,” he said about Evan. “I think there are a few of them that are giving that, but they are few and far between.” The Pioneers tied Lansing 1-1 back in the first game of the season, but coach Lott said that was one of few games he has seen the effort they need to win. “We had fire when we played Lansing,” he said. “We came out guns blazing and everyone gets the ball. We haven't looked like that team except for one time this year. The other night I said this is the best team I almost had because they only showed up for one game.” The score was 5-0 at halftime, so backup goalkeeper Alex Samouce came in and played the second half after playing in the junior varsity game earlier. There were times when Lott thought there were questionable calls by the referees, but they wouldn't explain the calls to him or the players. “It seemed like we were playing the referees too,” Lott said. “I couldn't get the referees attention to ask him what he was calling. He had his back to me about 80 to 90 percent of the game. That was an issue that I had. That's disrespectful.” As for if the Pioneers will improve, Lott said it is completely up to the players. “They have to want to turn it around,” he said. “I can talk to them all day and I can tell them whatever they want to hear, but if they don't make that choice there's nothing I can do.” The Pioneers will host Shawnee Mission South at 7 p.m. Tuesday.