Bill Pakarek is the head football coach at Lansing High School.
The Lions (2-3) host Bishop Ward (0-5) at 7 p.m. Friday.

1. Do you think this team can beat anyone in Kansas if your defense can get to where you want it?

We are working hard on our defense to improve on many areas of playing better. We can beat a lot of teams if we can continue to improve.

2. What have you been doing this week to improve the defense?

Everything from alignment, to pursuit, to making solid tackles.

3. What has led to the success of the Krystian Abbott to Khalil Bailey connection?

Khalil is a very good receiver. He has height and jumping ability, speed, good hands, and runs good routes.
Krystian has good feet and has made some great throws to Khalil and other receivers like Porter, McQuillan and Johnson.
He has spread the ball around to several players, and Khalil has turned a lot of his catches into touchdowns.

4. Where does the Abbott/Bailey duo rank in QB/WR duos you have coached?

We have had a lot of good athletes here at Lansing. Quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, full backs, running backs and linemen. They all have to do their part and nobody can do it all by themselves. It takes everybody.

5. After last week's game, you said your team didn't have the best week of practice last week.
Have you seen what you want to see out of your players during practice so far this week?

Practice is going better. Focus is better.