Leavenworth County commissioners have given their approval to the reorganization of the County Treasurer's Office.

Leavenworth County commissioners have given their approval to the reorganization of the County Treasurer's Office.

Commissioners voted Thursday to adopt the reorganization plan developed by the new County Treasurer Janice Van Parys.

The plan increases salaries for employees and adds a staff member. Van Parys said the changes won't affect local taxes. The increased salary and benefits costs will be paid for from the treasurer's motor vehicle fund. The revenue in this fund comes from the state government. The money is paid to the Treasurer's Office for the handling of state vehicle registrations.

Van Parys, who took office Oct. 1, is anticipating increased revenue through the registration of commercial vehicles, something that's been handled in the past by the state.

Commissioners had voted Oct. 1 to direct the human resources department to postpone implementation of salary increases that were part of Van Parys' reorganization plan. Based on an outside legal opinion, commissioners determined Van Parys needed to review her plan with them before it could be enacted.

The outside legal opinion was sought because the county counselor, who's married to Van Parys, recused himself.

Van Parys met with commissioners Tuesday. But commissioners waited until Thursday to take action on the plan.

Speaking Thursday, Van Parys said the pay increases for employees are long overdue.

"The staff has been underpaid for a long time," she said.

Commissioner Clyde Graeber questioned what would happen if the Treasurer's Office revenue doesn't increase as much as anticipated. He asked if the treasurer can come back to the Commission for additional money to make up the difference.

Van Parys said she can make adjustments to staff as needed without additional funding from the County Commission.

County Administrator Pat Hurley said the county would not be under any obligation to provide supplemental funding to cover such a shortfall. And he questioned whether the law would allow the Commission to use county funds for that purpose.

"The treasurer has indicated she believes her estimates are conservative," he said.

Based on Van Parys' figures, there should be adequate funding to cover the cost of the plan for the remainder of this year and 2014, Hurley said.

As a result of the implementation of the treasurer's plan, the 2014 budget will have to be amended, but Hurley this can be done at a later date.