Our country may be headed for a bloodbath, and soon.

To the editor:
Our country may be headed for a bloodbath, and soon.
Our country is divided into two parts. One favors democratic capitalism, and the other (Democrats) is totally dedicated to communism and all the horrible results it brings.

The Democrats act as though they have some devine right to destroy from under us our economy, our standard of living, and our currency value, simply cause they won a couple of elections.
Democrats need to be reminded that millions of partiotic Americans have consistently voted to stop their communist schemes to destroy our country. Their ranks are filled with patriotic service members, police officers, and the veterans of both.

A recent poll of Republican voters accross this country by a small university revealed a stunning stat. A whopping 44 perent agreed that the U.S. is headed to a very bloody armed conflict they termed a "revolution."

Personally, I wouldn't call it a revolution. They don't want to scrap our Constitution or our form of government, they want to save it from dedicated communist destroyers. A purge of communists. The ones who so totally own the Democratic party, and are more malignant toward this country and our people than our foreign enemies, except possibly the foreign commies they love so much and serve with such dedication.

Dingy Harry Reid recently admitted that Obamacare would be a total failure and was intended to be, and would serve to destroy private health insurance in this country. This, he said, would allow the establishment of single payer insurance. That's commiespeak for a total governmental takeover of healthcare, communizing a huge portion of our economy in one action. Just what we need, another huge communist program spewing oceans of red ink like the others bankrupting our country.

The Democratic Party isn't doing things for our people, it's doing things to us, very bad, traitorous things. They're totally dedicated to the poverty, misery and death of communist stupidity. It must be stopped.