Here's the scenario – A new restaurant opens in town.

To the editor:
Here's the scenario – A new restaurant opens in town. The advertisement claims it's the best food in town. The owner tells you how great the food is and how much you're going to love it. So, like anybody else, You go and check it out. However, you discover that the owner refuses to eat the food, himself. The management, as well as ALL the workers, also refuses to eat the food. I ask you: would you eat the food? Would you feed it to your kids? I know I wouldn't.

Well, this is exactly what is going on with the, so called, affordable care act. The media advertisers, the president, the Democrats in congress (as well as a few R.I.N.O.s) and the unions are all telling you how great ACA is. However, the owner (the president), their own management (congress) and their own workers (the unions) ALL refuse to eat what they're dishing out. They ALL have exemptions. Are you telling me this makes sense to you and you find this acceptable?

There are some who claim, since it is now law, we should just abide by it. These people should remember that there were laws once prohibiting alcohol, laws against women's rights, laws that were pro-slavery etc...would these same people tell us today that "These are laws and we should just abide by them"?
Speaking of laws. I have found the affordable care act unconstitutional on two grounds (minimal).
1) This "law" was created in the Senate with the penalty being a "tax" – Article 1, section 7 of our Constitution states that ONLY the House has the power to create a tax (not the president, the Supreme Court, nor the Senate).
2) Amendment 28 of our Constitution states that there be no law passed upon the people that Congress does not have to abide by themselves, or vise verse.
Please, use common sense and understand our Constitution. Both will do you a world of good.