I try to look on the positive side of things.

To the editor:
I try to look on the positive side of things. Take the "shutdown" for instance. I remember the last one and really don't remember the hardship, maybe I was considered "essential?" Anyhow, just think you don't have to make that commute or have to contend with that office politics or obtuse supervisor. You can take that respite break, party and relax. You can rest assured our representatives and senators will do their jobs!

But, what is this "abstraction?" I have been in email contact with our Sen. Moran's office for the last few months. I take his newsletter and have posed many questions of policy and their actions. To date, I have yet to receive one answer about what I have asked and the answers are not explained in the newsletter. His newsletter always ends with a section called "Honored to Serve You in Washington" where he thanks us Kansans for calls and writings sharing our thoughts about Kansas or national issues. The only thing he leaves out is the answer to those thoughts or questions. Here are some examples of questions I have posed:

1. Immigration background checks different from gun-owner background checks? Support E-verify?
2. Have you investigated fraud and abuse in Iraq war, Halliburton over charges, etc.?
3. As an economist, having a degree in economy, how will the Keystone Pipeline decrease price of oil that is on global markets that are controlled by the commodity traders in our stock market exchange?
4. Do you accept Supreme Court decisions?

Each question is referenced with the newsletter that spurs that question. These questions are e-mailed direct to Brennen Britton, State Director, U.S. Senator Jerry Moran, Kansas, Manhattan, KS. I can accept it if they are too hard or controversial; but, not to say that in return answer, is nondemocratic one-way political talk.
As I press forward, it is no surprise that our elected officials will not answer the questions. At least now, they have an excuse that the government is "shut down."