Wow! It was a beautiful day on Saturday for a Time Trial!
We had 12 racers. The course was flat and 10 kilometers long - out and back. Roger Harrison was at the turn around.
It was a little chilly at the start, but it warmed up quickly. Winds were out of the north. Great job by all who raced! Below are the results for our team.
Men's Category 4s:
2nd-Mark Ramsden, 14:38
3rd- Carl Fischer, 14:40
7th-Brendan Sheehan, 15:28
Men's Category 5s:
5th-Joshua Mendoza, 15:52
13th-Gene Lamb, 17:49
16th-John Schmidtke, 19:07
17th-Mike Miller, 19:17
Women's Category 4s:
6th-Amanda Muller, 19:05
7th-Amber Schmidtke, 20:40
Master's 40+:
3rd-Mark Ramsden, 14:43
4th-Brendan Sheehan, 15:22
Master's 50+:
4th-Carl Fischer, 14:57
Boys Juniors:
5th-John Finnigan, 20:18
6th Francis Sheehan, 24:16
Girls Juniors:
1st-Elizabeth Finni