The time is in the air when people are on the look for pumpkins.

The time is in the air when people are on the look for pumpkins.
One of the best ways to save money when purchasing the perfect pumpkin is to buy local.

I find that several local farmers are far cheaper than the pumpkins that you can purchase in the stores and you are also helping to support the local economy.
One of the perfect examples of this occurred in my life this week.
The other day I noticed that one of my neighbors was pulling a large load of pumpkins out of her car.

The back of her trunk was filled with pumpkins and gourds that she purchased from a farmer at the local farmer's market for $20.
I know at area stores, I would pay for one or two pumpkins what my friend paid for an entire trunk full.
This was not the only deal my friend scored.
She also purchased our family a corn broom to use for decoration on our front porch.
She said the cost of the corn broom was $2.

I know that my family loves picking out pumpkins every year.
We love to shop at small farms in the area.
We avoid purchasing fall decorations at large retail chain stores.
Not only do we find great prices by buying from our area farmers, we are also supporting the local economy.
The pumpkins also make wonderful natural decorations that we can use at our home until Thanksgiving.

Another friend of mine planted her own pumpkin seeds and her efforts cost her very little and allowed her to obtain a beautiful pumpkin for this holiday.
For those who are looking for other natural fall decorations, remember you do not have to break the bank.
As the leaves begin to fall and change colors, pick them up and use them to decorate your home.
Pine cones also make for beautiful fall holiday decor.
Remember that having beautiful fall decor in your home does not have to be expensive.
Make sure that you find the budget friendly options and you can still maintain a beautiful home with several different fall delights.

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